Can We Still Lead Truth?

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At Rotary we ask, “Is it the truth?” Some say that we have entered a post-truth era. Others say truth is eternal. I say that new brain discoveries can become tools for ferreting out truth, and leading its possibilities. You?

We each hold truths that stockpile for a lifetime in our basal ganglia storage place. That includes traditions we treasure, and can also include ruts or tired routines.

Our brains come equipped to form and shape new truths in our working memory, a temporary storage place for new facts or evidence that helps us to build new approaches or propose new practices.

So how does truth move from our temporary working memory holding place to the basal ganglia permanent storage. The answer is simple. Act truthfully and truthful actions store with each use. Act on lies and deception stores for reuse in future situations.

What do you think?

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