More Money Buys Brainpower?

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It’s my simple belief that neuron pathways reboot the mind of every vibrant gathering, that reconfiguration wakes up brain cells, and that unless one taps more brainpower, a spinal cord alone will likely suffice for brains. Agree? Many folks spiral down as they look at problems through the wrong end of a telescope, end up demanding more money, and then give up rather than invent

A lifetime ago I taught inner city secondary students, filled with curiosity yet wasted brainpower in broken schools. Like people cry and rage now, faculty and parents shouted back then too,  “Bring more money to fix this mess!” Have you fallen for primal calls expecting fast fixes from more money? Maybe it’s why Einstein said that the person who marches to such music in rank and file earned his contempt. How so?

More money came in like a flood to broken inner city secondary schools, and I’ll never forget the mentally impoverished results. Sadly, the broken systems regressed even more, yet that experience changed my life forever. Disastrous outcomes, hebbian lagers, and low morale I observed in broken secondary schools, stoked my life’s dream to discover brain based practices, beyond fast fixes and money’s limitations.

Before long I saw similar busts in higher education and other bureaucracies that cry constantly for more money, and ignore brainpower potential they already possess. Have you seen it? 

Then I taught leaders in executive MBA courses, and saw similar expectations for more money to mend gaping flaws.  Through research, travel and collaboration, I eventually discovered that only when brainpower takes leadership stages – lasting funds tend to follow and create wonder. Otherwise money simply funds greed, supports stale routines, fosters unethical practices, and yields sloppy outcomes. Have you noticed?

During a lifetime of watching what works to reinvigorate systems, I designed smart skills for change that lasts, to replace tired traditional hard and soft skills. Since lack of money never was your real problem – neither can greenbacks become your top solution. More importantly, what is? Where exactly is the fast track to launch and fund adventures and peaks you crave?

Specifically I found myself asking,  why are secondary schools and others stale systems broken beyond money’s ability to reconfigure? Then, I spent a lifetime, wrote many books and completed a PhD to discover answers far superior to anything greenbacks can garner! I’ve never looked back!

Look at Sully’s problem when both engines failed and brainpower kicked in for a river runway, and see yourself landing and leading in a novel way that creates new insights when your next problem strikes. Any life-changing solution come to mind?

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One thought on “More Money Buys Brainpower?

  1. vreddy

    Good post Dr Ellen.
    There is a very good example of this kind of thinking in book freakanomics. The gist of the chapter is that there were two sets of class rooms( one labeled smart and one not so smart) in a school and it so happened that due to a computer glitch, labels got switched and wrong labels were applied to each of the class rooms.
    At the end of the school year when both class rooms were graded, it turned out that the students in class room which was considered smart out scored the students from class room labeled not so smart.
    So, what was the difference??? It turns out that the teachers changed their teaching approach to students based on what they thought of the students. so the students who were actually smart turned out no so smart based on what the teacher thought.

    I gave this example just to illustrate how changing ones approach to issues makes a difference.

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