Thankfulness – Key into Joyfulness

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Looking to start a mind-bending and fun day? Then begin with thankfulness and the brain rises up to do the rest.

Need a few prompts to ignite the kind of curiosity a toddler, teen or teacher shows on a good day? Hope to draw kindness from the heart of grandparents? Crave a wee more wit ‘n wisdom from a variety of angles from fascinating topics?

Teach THANKS and mindfulness grows contentment in response! Thankfulness creates a bend in the road of any day, and improves our lives by changing our minds. Thank somebody sincerely, and our brain’s dial moves toward delight.


No need to wait until Thanksgiving Day. Or why linger until somebody else provides the fun? Plan a daily thanksgiving celebration to bring together teens, tots and seniors any day, with a simple gesture.  Parents and siblings enjoy its warmth. Tots and teachers learn from its grace.

A thankful day starts with the question, “What will help every person around me today anticipate fun and adventure fashioned especially for them? Then set out to create that kind of day?

Here are a few Thanksgiving-packed questions that reach across both sides of the brain and engage people across differences.

1). What one thing could you teach the rest of us to amp up thankfulness?

2). Is thankfulness under-rated or over-rated as you have seen or experienced it, and how so?

3). What one image or object on this table most describes your thankfulness and how so?

4. What do you like to be thanked for most, and why so?

What if we pre-empt past discord at get-togethers, and intercept deadly barbs by tossing out a  2-footed question that rocks delight for everyone there?


Craft questions for young children by simply changing a word to two in order to ensure they connect meaningfully to what’s asked. When everybody speaks up and feels heard the divides begin to narrow and people feel free to mix in fun differences respectfully.

Ask a question people most like answering, and expect a good day to follow.

Worth a try?

Here are an additional  256 fun two-footed questions on 64 interesting topics that unite people and build curiosity across past divides that rob relationships, and toward a finer future that includes all!

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset