Write your way past ruts

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If curiosity is our writer’s power, then risk for adventure is our super power. The opposite is also true, if we simply reiterate strong opinions or write without find the most current facts first. How so?

  1. Listen for new clues with innovative suggestions for a problem you face. Ruts remap brains for more stagnancy. A new clue remaps our brains for treasured possibilities.

  2. Shift up a writing space today. Add a favorite photo, move a chair, or include a plant. Novelty increases brainpower, and new settings can inspire surprising outcomes.

  3. Enter a writing contest. Risk adds adventure to your words and adds the dopamine chemicals your brain needs to spark new possibilities.

  4. Send a kind text to inspire a person who failed, disagreed, or seems discouraged. Encouragement literally changes the brain’s chemistry by raising serotonin, your mental aha hormone.

  5. Compose finer words for a person who challenges you. Otherwise, your cortisol stress chemicals shuts down reconciliation.

  6. Write an opening line at night before you sleep. Our brains leap forward with initial insights of new projects.

  7. Survey multiple intelligences free at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Survey-to-Discover-Your-Multiple-Intelligences-477656 and then write about a different intelligence to stretch.

  8. Burn strong but don’t burn out! Toss some silly sauce onto a serious situation. Let your humor release fuel for innovative solutions.

  9. Toss some serotonin into your relationship with a writing mentor by completing this email: I treasure how you …

  10. Research five facts and then check each off as you write about it. Make it fun! When you apply facts, you free your working memory for problem-solving.

  11. Listen to a TED talk, identify what one idea marks this original thinker, and then write one thing that would add mental brilliance to your day.

  12. Offer a few words of kindness to a person who’s been criticized. Cynicism or criticism stomps out innovation. Kindness adds the opposite with brainier results.

  13. Apply something you write today to improve something you will do tomorrow. Plasticity, or the brain’s ability to change itself, grows mindfulness when we act.

  14. When you want to focus or write new ideas play your favorite music. Rhythm alters your brain waves and can improve your moods.

  15. Discover an aha solution to a pesky problem by listing the problem on the left side of a T-chart and possible solutions on the right. Your frontal lobe helps you to choose original solutions with aha benefits.

  16. Write beside a river or in natural light. Increased light decreases melatonin (a sleep chemical) so that you remain focused and more alert.

  17. Write a tip to calm your mind when conflict arises. Each time you react calmly your amygdala (or seat of emotions) stores this reaction for your next emotional response when challenged.

  18. Write about one Facebook like today. Brains are plastic and malleable so they can be set into a new mold by what we like.

  19. Write one new topic today and then teach it to somebody else. Brains retain 90% more when we teach as we learn, compared to 5% retention from lectures.

  20. Write the opposite side of your view, and then apply one benefit you learned from that view.

  21. Jot down one why you appreciate a person’s talent and then thank that person in a text. Thankfulness increases oxytocin and grows trust in relationships.

  22. Write about one thing you do well and compare that to a peer’s different strength. Mutual mentoring awakens hidden and unused parts of your brain.

  23. Outline steps to add hope to  your day, through a different intelligence. Expect to grow new dendrite brain cell connections.

  24. Ask a question others love to answer. Curiosity is the brain’s engine that drives writing toward innovative results.

  25. Jot down three things you look forward to this week. Expectation adds alertness to words.

  26. Fantasize your day – Imagination holds enormous brainpower to refresh you!

  27. Write about play time that alters your day and you’ll change the make-up of your brain.

  28. Start a personal revolution with another writer. We come equipped with mirror that mimic those around us.

  29. Rewrite one thing into another, such as a log into a bench. Novelty acts as a trigger to advance an innovative mind.

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