Burn strong or burn out

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Being a lit candle in life is difficult because it means that first we must burn. Before we can influence change we usually have to become that change in visible ways.

Otherwise our mental warehouse often locks us into ruts described by Bob Blue in a song below. Blue describes the pressures to comply in broken systems and tired traditions.

What broken routine in your life could use a mental reboot?

When Helen Keller said, Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all, she could have been speaking to leaning needs she face without help from schools she approached.

Sometimes we have to go it alone to break loose of chaotic routines and to catch a glimpse of possibilities beyond everyday problems.  We may have to move beyond the comfort that traps us in our storehouses.

To live beyond ruts, I like to consider opposing views on hot topics, in a way that I begin to controversial issues from an opponent’s eyes.  It’s rarely easy to do, yet we’ve done this as a nation on issues of marriage, parenting, workplace wellness and other vital issues.

Young leaders I teach and coach  love to consider opposing views as a way to discuss topics on a wider stage.

Crave unhealthy foods? Look for insights from a healthy person who eats well.

Feel bullied or burned out at work? Consider successful responses others have written about or practiced.

Unable to publish a column you wrote? Look at the process from a published columnist’s viewpoint.

Experiencing financial difficulties?  Google stories about others who make the same salary you earn and make it work.

The key is to step over to the other side and discover benefits from a wider perspective of the problem and solutions.

Look for new evidence to support opposite sides of any topic, and our views expand exponentially.  We begin to add new insights into the mental warehouse from which our experiences operate.

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