Create Calm from Chaos with Brain-Friendly Choices

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Feel hopeless because of a tough situation you’re stuck in today?

Frustrated by leaders who value money, power or influence more than supporting you, “the people?” Watching personal possibilities slip away, along with your problem-solving skills?

Lead toward possibilities

Good news is here if we dip into personal mental resources.  Our brains come fully equipped with power-tools needed to step into a finer future for ourselves and others we support.

Not that we can change others. We can’t. Nevertheless, regardless of the challenges we face, our brains are fearfully and wonderfully made to lead far finer directions forward than many of us realize. Our pathways can side-step chaos we encounter to create the calm we crave.

How so?

Check out the brain-friendly choices that advance your autonomy to resolve whatever challenge you face.

1. Are you a caregiver feeling underwater without hope? Support your disabled or disadvantaged relative or friend by drawing hope from their unique talents and yours.  Use one of your multiple intelligences rarely used, and watch hopeful opportunities open to you.

2. Do you struggle with anxiety? Discover thankfulness in what you have, rather than focus on your limitations. To the human brain spoken and lived expressions of gratitude reduce anxiety charged chemicals such as cortisol. See any opportunity here for mind-bending strength to march forward? Yes, in spite of obstacles we all encounter at one time or another.

3. Laugh at the little things and you lead others to laugh with you more. Laughter, even expressed in a casual smile will amp up the brain’s well-being chemical, serotonin. This aha hormone literally changes the chemistry of your brain. It fuels you mentally to tackle difficult challenges with renewed courage and problem-solving capability. Evidence of its operation, will be the rewards you take away from challenges you conquer. I learned this firsthand when I found myself left out on my own at 14, after my mother died of cancer.

Change takes action, and action changes the brain and showcases its evidence in mental wellbeing chemicals to fuel our way forward. Worth a shot?

Simply by the choices we make, we inspire others to step toward delightful results in spite of challenges or chaos. How so?

For many years I tried to demonstrate that our education systems work against human brains. Then, I decided to create and make available  student-ready leadership and learning materials with fun brain based tools at my TpT site.

By designing materials based on brain research I solved daily dilemmas secondary school and university faculty face, with neural solutions they use as tools.

Stubborn snags may sometimes slow us down but our brains come equipped to link us to brilliant solutions we already possess. It’s merely a matter of connecting the problem to a brainy possibility.

Fail to connect to our brains and we may well miss an opportunity to bring about brilliance bits that power ourselves and others past daily traps. Let me explain. Let’s say somebody crosses us or we feel the need to correct a person we mentor.

We often lecture that person and therefore trigger a cranky chemical, cortisol in us and in the other person. Show kindness, smile and offer respect, even if we have to suck up an injustice though, and we woo ourselves and others into serotonin solutions!

You could say we literally shift angry situations into peaceful solutions by tapping into personal DNA pools.

The opposite is also true. Lecture an already angry person and watch cortisol escalate rather than dissipate. Have you seen it when parents or teachers berate youth? Contrast that response with a parent who gets an upset child laughing and moving forward with confidence. It’s a brain thing…

Below are a few difficulties we all face from time to time, along with our brain’s ready-to-roll solutions to help us out.

1. Lose keys lots? Try a simple memory tactic that outsources our keys to our working memory.

2. Feel bored? Capitalize on hidden and unused intelligences that awaken wonder.

3. Slip into loneliness sometimes? We all slip into loneliness – yet our brains come fully equipped to move us beyond lonely.

4. Struggle with anger? Snip our amygdala before it snipes us back. Here’s how.

5. Lack confidence? Play brain based games that boost confidence. with brainy alternatives.

6. Fear risks? Stack the deck for fun and creative risks.

7. Face unfairness? Discover what happens inside our brains when even-handedness goes missing in any day.

8. Stressed? Celebrate our social and emotional survival skills to take a step beyond stress.

Whatever our problem, our amazing brains likely hold a custom-made remedy. It’s merely a matter of identifying the dilemma and accessing its neural solution within your amazing DNA. What do you think?

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