Looking for Summer Learning Adventures?

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Imagine a summer where you aced a sizzling new skill and came away with terrific takeaways – all from your own multiple intelligences. It can happen with a few adjustments – even in an ordinary day. Invite a teen to try it with you and add to the fun!  Capture1

Start simply by doing one normal routine in a different way, and expect wonder to follow!  Play with your pet for twenty minutes before breakfast, wear a bright new color, or invite a neighbor to lunch.

Play with multiple intelligences! Lately, I’ve been learning to juggle – a kinesthetic task that seems impossible until you break it down into doable increments. I’m at the final stages now. After three weeks of learning one small step at a time – I can toss three balls into the air and have begun to keep them flying like a real juggler.

plastic tricks

Your brain magically changes itself when you act!

Summer skill-building at the Mita Center often involve laughing at yourself – especially in the initial stages. For instance, are we making use of the brain’s brilliant ability to literally change itself – based on what one does?

Ask yourself the following question to add magic to your summer. What if I learned a new skill this summer that landed a TED invitation to teach the world?

A brain specialist would tell you that you’ll also stretch your working memory and add confidence to your mental health for the next cool venture you tackle. Not bad for a summer bonus for you and tools to teach a teen!

2 thoughts on “Looking for Summer Learning Adventures?

  1. Ellen

    Marianna, so delighted to see my juggling is in such cool company! I am still working at it and it’s not yet ready to show in public. My goal is to have it mastered before I see my grandchildren in Aug. I still have work to do! But it has taught me a great deal about what I am presenting at brain conferences about how we learn and lead. We gain whenever we step out to learn a new thing from scratch …

  2. Marianna Paulson

    Great suggestions, Ellen!

    When I first met my husband, he was bound and determined to juggle. I decided to follow suit, and have since taught some kids to do so. It’s a great activity – one that is sure to impress.

    I never did managed juggle four balls – maybe I’ll revisit that this summer. 🙂

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