Waves of Brainpower and Electricity

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Electrical activity in your brain is as central to your intelligence as electrical lights are to your home.  Researchers predict the brain is organized by a hierarchy of electrical waves that control how one neuron communicates to another neuron.  We’ve heard that external forces such as cell phone emissions, especially those that emit electromagnetic fields, can excite brain waves in potentially harmful ways. Side effects are still not understood well, and while the average cell phone is thought to be safe, scientists are still learning about forces that surge or slow your brain’s circuitry.

Thanks to imaging techniques, researchers can now watch your brain waves perform, yet it will take more testing to use that knowledge to rewire a mind for better performances.

Depending on what you do or think, waves shift back and forth for different outcomes. Meet a person who intimidates you and one brainwave activity leaps. Pause over a glass of wine in a quiet grove to think deeply, and another wave stirs.

At the MITA International Brain Based Center, we teach strategies to move from panic waves to sleep waves, or quiet moments to inspired innovations. People can learn to adjust brain waves to their advantage and for mental results desired, much the way you dim or bring up lights for effect. It starts with knowing what waves can do or not do, and it differs from person to person.

Successful People Learn to Capitalize on all Four Waves:

Not surprisingly, the most successful people tend to use all four waves at appropriate times,  so that faster waves segue into adventures at one end, and slower waves inspire reflective insights at the other.


Learn to shift into brain waves for higher performance!

Beta waves kick in for peak performances, as they offer high, upbeat mental energy. Beta helps you to think logically, solve problems, and confront eternal stimuli. Used too often, you’ll run the risk of thinking deeply about nothing much, since beta needs to be stilled for times of reflection.

Start to daydream during a boring speech, and alpha brain waves shift you down a gear. Here you visualize and imagine in vivid images, which some view as an escape from reality. Just as too much alpha activity leads to excessive escapes, too little create human machines without dreams or visions.

waves slow you down yet another level, so that your body relaxes, heart rate and respiration lower slightly, and your mind tends to move back and forth between creative energy and deep relaxation. Theta electricity engages inner or intuitive subconscious. You’ll store deep secrets there, which you block out in times of pain, to survive challenges you feel unprepared to face.

Eventually, delta or the slowest waves kick in and for awhile the brain shifts back and forth between delta and theta movement. Delta electricity provides personal radar and feelings at unconscious levels. In healthy doses, delta signals cause empathy, while too much activity at this slow level, can pack on another’s baggage as if it were your own.  Those who read others’ minds engage more delta activity than most. Those who tend to step on toes likely engage less.

Can you see why successful people tend to flee from anxiety or fear mongering, and why relaxed people create more innovative solutions? Does your brain’s electrical wiring work mostly in your favor?

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  2. brimly

    we are all brainwashed from the day we begin forming in our mothers womb. We grow to learn one another’s brainwashing, creating insecurities, personality traits, & other various actionable items. But its our choice to choose or is it?
    Maybe there is direction to motivate these waves not only to achieve kinesthetic abilities, but to get past the brainwashing, to unlearn so as to relearn, to take the doubt factor out. Engaging neurotransmitters to motivate the………….sorry, seem to be rambling.

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  11. eweber Post author

    Thanks Jeanne, for stopping by:-).

    Interestingly, you mentioned an issue here that many folks we work with tell us – and like you, we also find caught in at times.

    It is so useful to know more about the electrical wiring – so that we can adjust when those waves are not cooperating with the task (or rest) at hand:-).

  12. eweber Post author

    Ramana, thanks for the insights and the smile, too. It’s fun to observe the results we get from a variety of brain waves:-)

  13. Jeanne Dininni

    This information is indeed fascinating, Ellen! For the most part, I think my brain waves work in my favor — except, of course, during times of high stress and often at bedtime, when my beta waves tend to kick into high gear as I contemplate the things I need to do and those I should have done but didn’t!