Solve Daily Dilemmas with Neural Solutions

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Stubborn snags that slow us  down daily often link to brilliant solutions our brains already possess. It’s merely a matter of connecting the problem to a brainy possibility.

Take yesterday. I started my day heading to a Rotary meeting, and ended up at Crystal Glass where I replaced a car window broken overnight by a vandal. My upbeat mood hit up against a frustrating attempt to make a police report only to be told to file it online but don’t expect much to be done. Next, I contacted my insurance company to learn that they cannot help either. Unless  I can prove vandalism I’m on my own.

Determined not to let this disaster define my day, I turned to  a collision business to replace the window and was quoted over $700 for the job. Luckily, two very kind humans led me to Crystal Glass where I enjoyed amazing service for far less money, and the kind of support from Larry Bracke and his awesome team that’s worth gold!  Great service when most needed can restore our confidence in broken police bureaucracies, insurance companies that fail to insure or greedy businesses that gouge money yet forget service.

Not that I always get it right. Fail to connect to our brains aha hormones though and we’re sure to miss any opportunity to bring about brilliant bits that empower ourselves and others past daily traps. Let me explain. Let’s say somebody crosses us, let’s us down, or fails to hear us in a situation. In that moment we choose cranky or caring.

Disasters and disappointments tend to trigger a cranky chemical, cortisol in us and in the other person involved. Show kindness, smile and offer respect, even if we have to suck up an injustice such as insurance payments monthly that fail us when we need help, and we woo ourselves and others into serotonin solutions!

We shift angry situations into peaceful solutions by tapping into personal DNA pools. I brought homemade banana bread over to the Crystal Glass team to say thanks for ALL they do to serve in mind-bending ways!

The opposite is also true. Add poor service such as high prices, refusal to help, or indifference to an already distraught person and watch cortisol escalate rather than dissipate. Have you seen it when parents or teachers berate youth? Contrast that response with a parent who gets an upset child laughing and moving forward with confidence. It’s a brain thing…

Below are a few difficulties we all face from time to time, along with our brain’s ready-to-roll solution to help us out.

1. Lose keys lots? Try a simple memory tactic that outsources our keys to our working memory.

2. Feel bored? Capitalize on hidden and unused intelligences that awaken wonder.

3. Slip into loneliness sometimes? We all slip into loneliness – yet our brains come fully equipped to move us beyond lonely.

4. Struggle with anger? Snip our amygdala before it snipes us back. Here’s how.

5. Lack confidence? Play brain based games that boost confidence. with brainy alternatives.

6. Fear risks? Stack the deck for fun and creative risks.

7. Face unfairness? Discover what happens inside our brains when even-handedness goes missing in any day.

8. Stressed? Celebrate our social and emotional survival skills to take a step beyond stress.

Whatever our problem, our amazing brains likely hold a custom-made remedy. It’s merely a matter of identifying the dilemma and accessing its neural solution within your amazing DNA. What do you think?


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