Mistakes We Make about Introverts. Inner Secret Truths Exposed

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“He’s not interested in communicating with others,” his mother apologized. “Brett’s our introvert,” she said as if introversion defined Brett’s entire character.

We’ve all heard it. He’d rather be alone. Or, she rarely accepts party invitations, preferring to read at home alone.

All the above relates to our intrapersonal intelligence, where we take on and hopefully enjoy personal growth. It’s a brilliant tool to those who see past its poor reputation.

We link introversion to a personality label too often, and that connection can obscure valuable opportunities to grow skills in other areas.  Sadly, we see “introversion” as limiting rather than as dynamic mental strength it adds. We assume introversion precludes growing our social abilities when the two are completely different in the human brain.  How so?intrapersonal-iqIntrapersonal IQ is one of your multiple intelligences and it includes but it’s far more than ethics or common sense, or being kind to you!

It turns out that what we thought we knew about introverts fails to include intrapersonal intelligence strengths. Just as in every intelligence, human gene pools come hardwired with a unique mix of its inner and ethical equipment, sometimes referred to as common sense intrapersonal intelligence can be taught, actively engaged, and tracked as one grows. It can also spark the mind-bending climate most learners crave, and yet few circles find.

Consider your loneliness quotient and you will begin to spot your intrapersonal IQ.

Also described as intuitive intelligence, this inner ability vibrates alongside Howard Gardner‘s  7 other distinctive intelligences that fuel your brain with inner strength. It stands as sentients within the Mita renewal model, for secondary and university learning as well as business leadership.

Daniel Goleman names common sense as part of one’s emotional intelligence. Others say it’s intuition, and Einstein claimed it won him the Nobel Prize. New research shows it includes hunches, where soldiers in battle make fast judgment calls, or introspection that’s found in people who grasp a clearer concept all at once. Have you seen it valued where you work?

My question is: What does intrapersonal intelligence look like in mind-bending climates, and what wonder can it reap on an ordinary day?

We’ve all seen that peacemakers tone communicated by an intrapersonal guru, and we’ve watch it nosedive in a bully or cynic. It packs a punch with faith at times, and builds a better world when ethics becomes its fuel. Yet its absence torments victims of regret, blame or cynicism, where brains default to ruts. It shows up far less in toxic workplaces, and fades in people easily overwhelmed.

You feel it most alive when you’re content to delight in a dinner alone at times, or when you unleash talents to celebrate your call. You’ll likely crave its magic moments, whenever you’re lonely or stuck in sad spots while people around you move forward with confidence and savvy.

Luckily, intrapersonal intelligence can be taught, though it’s not lectured well.  It can be stretched and growth but that takes using it just as you use certain muscles to develop soccer or volleyball skills. Thanks to the regeneration of dendrite brain cells, intrapersonal IQ is acquired best by those who rewire their brains for more. How so?introvert-and-gro-mindset

  • Think before you speak and snip your amygdala so that  words can build better friendship and goodwill, and you’ve upped your own and other’s brainpower for common sense.

  • Log your challenges for a day on the left side of a T-Chart, and then list possible solutions you plan to try on the chart’s right side. As you tackle what you propose in the right column, personal intuition begins to grow. Start by trying one solution, and you brain rewires for ongoing change!

  • Improve personal tone at work, so that others see you speak calmly and learn humbly from those who differ, and you’ve already expanded inner smarts along new neuron pathways.

  • Create space in your day to play, do hobbies,  laugh,  care, question from within your spiritual self, and watch unique intelligences bloom into vibrant colors you most enjoy.

  • Leapfrog over ruts in favor of taking  risks for a finer place, and intrapersonal intelligence jumps to your aid with unexpected dividends, that those caught in ruts with merely crave.

Thanks to intrapersonally intelligent leaders who inspire the charge for renewal and who engage deep intuitive intelligence to stir renewal in ways that rejuvenate broken systems today. Where’s your confidence?

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