A Father’s Day Difference

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What if you learned one new insight about life or people from your father? Something unique that makes dad different…

Imagine the fun of discovering a cool POINTS OF VIEW on a hot topic from your father, grandfather,  or a man you admire and respect. 

Ready to roll with a father’s favorite idea? You may enjoy these fun guided tasks with dad!

In order to gain insights into what Dad thinks, start by asking him a question to discover his likes and dislikes related to a topic you both relate to.

If your dad is not with you today, ask somebody else he loved, and enjoy the new memory shared between you two. Or ask a man in your life who you value and respect.

Those of us who do not have a close or caring father figure, often relate to a male friend or relative who’d love to have our best wishes for the day. In return we’d learn something new from a caring man’s perspective. Sound like a win?

Identify dad’s strengths and concerns, for instance, and you are off to a running start for a Father’s Day gift you’ll both long remember.

fatherWhat did you learn today that will make life better for you and other’s today? What did a Dad gain in gratitude and appreciation the experience?

Looking for a ready-to-roll brain based task where students learn point of view and Father’s get engaged in a Father’s Day gift they’ll never forget.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset