Reflect Peace to Trump any Battle Plan

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What tactics would you engage to solve conflicts, if war or violence was no longer an option? Perhaps a better way of asking is, “What marks of a peace plan could trump your next battle plan?”

Consider those who act on deep seated beliefs, such as generosity, service and social justice, when pushed into tough places. Then,  if you still believe war trumps peace – read on.

When war’s an option, you’ll likely fight faster than people who seek solutions with peace in mind for both sides of the struggle.

The opposite is also true – to live peacefully is to stoke mental engines that carry you past personal conflicts.

Luckily, your brain already holds chemical and electrical equipment you’ll need to implement peace that lasts. Does a bully work beside you? Do personal struggles appear too big for peace? Has past tone poisoned a conflict beyond resolve?

Tap into three brain parts to reboot peace through chemical and electrical activity you generate:

1. Serotonin – a neurotransmitter – regulates moods, opens your mind for taking advantage of peaceful opportunities. Amazingly, you often control this drug through foods, sleep, and exercise you choose.  An awareness of its reputation as the brain’s miracle drug, adds brainpower when conflicts or stressors strike and you need a response in a flash.

2. Plasticity – rewires your brain for good daily, based on what you do daily to improve your situation peacefully. Through synapses in your brain that determine the extent to which peaceful solutions are transmitted both chemically and electrically, you can improve your chances to lead effective peace plans. Have you seen it happen?

3. Working memory – equips your brain to operationalize peaceful tactics in order to lead calmly in spite of personal challenges or in tough times.  It works opposite to your brain’s basal ganglia,  which contains all the war talk, battle scars, anger at others, violent patterns from history, or competitive one-up-ship war games.

If your mental equipment’s a bit rusty, or somewhat sluggish from lack of use, you’ll be happy to  access new brainpower from dynamic parts discussed here. Stressed brains, for instance rely more on habit. Why not reconfigure your brain to operate peace plans that could resolve your next conflict with unexpected benefits. Worth a try?

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