6 Growth Mindset Tasks for New Opportunities

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Looking to side-step a narrow view of the brain that holds you back in a fixed mindset?  Hope to use more of your brain’s amazing capabilities?

Growth mindset approaches  add new and successful opportunities to your learning process. How so?

Meaning and Adventure Increases when you:

We at the Mita Brain Based Center use BRAIN FRIENDLY LEARNING ACTIVITIES to actively engage all humans as capable of developing far more brainpower for both personal and group growth.

That’s why Mita’s 5 manifesto taps into the brain’s GROWTH MINDSET potential to draw from hidden and unused resources.

1. Ask – How does it apply?  So while we use the scientific method above, at the same time we add an invention, innovation or learner-led creativity piece. Do review the preview of this brain based guide to merge the sci method with student innovation.

2. Ask – What risks will it take? Students enjoy building their risk-taking capabilities with these “I AM” Interactive task cards above. Here they try out risks in a safe environment and with the goal of growing and using new strengths to solve real world problems related to any lesson topic.

3. Ask – How can I make it fun? Students love to engage their peers and families when the setting allows them to shine as diverse and unique in a Learner-led Celebration of Innovation. Think of this celebration as a cognitive trade show on any lesson topic.

4. Ask – How will past mistakes help? When students begin to grow new “smart skills”, in spite of past mistakes, they are ready to chart their growth mindset steps forward. Using this chart – they track and show specific evidence for 50 growth mindset smart skills. Can you see a dynamic and efficient guide here for parent-teacher interviews. This skill growth chart also starts new conversations between learners and leaders.

5. Ask –  How will I get ready? Then start every class or session with a GROWTH MINDSET bell ringer.  With these brain-friendly prompts your students prepare to accomplish things never before accomplished by using parts of the brain never before used in your sessions.

6. Ask – What’s my best approach? Students love the choice to use their multiple intelligences to go after a learning target with their unique talents.

Let’s say SERVICE is your focus. This brain based service product nudges students to also discover, grow and use their multiple intelligences to serve.

Much like Joseph Conrad stated in The Heart of Darkness, Mita methods were created on the life-changing belief that:

The mind is capable of anything – because everything in it, is all the past as well as the future. 

 Have you seen it happen?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset