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If online success is your goal, you’ll want to toss talents into the ring in ways that win more for the entire virtual circle. People often start online groups only to find that a few people with weaker tone skills, set up polarities rather than engage opposing views with respect. We see it most pronounced when controversial topics arise and one person snipes back, rather than snip their amygdala.

Here are a few tips to stir more brainpower into reconfigured opportunities for success, where no brain gets left behind.  Start by stoking serotonin, a miracle drug for success that resides in your brain, ready to fuel faster growth and satisfaction.  tone-online

Be sure to run from cortisol, the chemical that can cause failure, depressions and many more problems that hold you back. Does your organization encourage people to develop tools to disagree? Do you?

Once chemicals are set to sustain you, here are 5 practical tactics to move group’s beyond any sea of cynicism into brainpower for Online progress:

1. Open every post with tone that moves you and others forward toward mind-bending solutions. Tone tools work especially well because tone builds goodwill, and can lead to consensus among those who disagree.

2. Avoid posting under stress that shrinks the human brain, and shuts down your brain when you most need its assets. Neuro research shows brain chemicals that carry you past stressors and into solutions for online growth. Did you know that stressed brains also rely more on habit and fall faster into ruts?

3. Work in bite-sized pieces, and walk steadily toward clearly defined online goals for growth. Avoid the common mistake of waiting though, until you become an online guru, a danger to mental shrinkage.

4. Reboot for ongoing renewal online! The brain holds plasticity to change based on new actions you do daily. It literally reshapes itself, and improves your intelligence.

5. Expect online growth as you move your multiple intelligences up a notch in ways that literally rewire your brain for more online success.

No question, the brain comes equipped for online growth, yet success with the brain in mind, is more about doing and acting now, and less about waiting for the opportune moment to appear. To do here is to rub the magic bottle until a grand online genie of opportunities comes,  at the time you are most prepared to take advantage of compelling collaborative adventures forward digitally.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

21 thoughts on “Reflect for Brainier Online Results

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  6. eweber Post author

    Thanks for your kind words Aleksander! If people saw tone’s effects in the human brain – they’d be amazed. Luckily there are also tone tactics that can be learned and developed and the results will speak for themselves I’ve noticed. Have you seen people shift from bad tone to good tone, through learning tone tactics?

  7. eweber Post author

    Chris you build a good case for taking a serious look at the stress we pick up in a day. The results are far more deadly than once thought! Luckily the alternatives to stress are also better known now that so many windows open through neuro-discoveries:-) Glad you dropped by!

  8. eweber Post author

    Thanks Michael, I saw that research – but not the cool article you included here. Makes me think of a blog that could be fun to write:-) Are you at the March roundtable I’ll be facilitating on the brain in Batavia? Hopefully we be able to discuss further:-)

  9. eweber Post author

    Yes, I did see the new study. Nice research to hit the press for Valentine Day – you’ll have to admit:-) Wonder if that was intentional:-) Thanks Conrad!

  10. eweber Post author

    Patrick thanks for the reminder to engage others effectively. Your thoughtful words remind me that engagement is both ongoing and it is listening as much or more than speaking. Wow — imagine the learning we’d share mutually! And what we did not learn yet – we could collaborate with others who know. Hey, that makes any day an adventure of the mind:-) Thanks Patrick!

  11. eweber Post author

    Thanks Wally – I’d love to hear more about linking between ideas as easily as the brain does? Can you elaborate a bit more? Any examples?

  12. eweber Post author

    Brad – without question – it was US citizens like you who inspired me to apply for citizenship in the first. No nation is much to brag about – without the people who inhabits its top values! Thanks for your warm welcome!

  13. eweber Post author

    Thanks DKRaymer, While I consider myself a world citizen I feel honored to be dual Canadian/American as I really value living in these two countries. It was a great experience!

  14. Patrick is Very Evolved

    Ellen – Really good reminder to keep the machinery of the brain in mind when writing.
    By knowing how our brain works there’s really no reason we can’t try and trigger the different systems to get people to pay attention, and remember our words.

    Well your post has succeeded there!


  15. DKRaymer

    Congratulations, Ellen! Just got the email announcement about your new US citizenship. What an exciting milestone 🙂

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