Celebrate Mom’s Point of View on Mother’s Day?

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What if we heard more about a valued viewpoint that shaped our mother’s life? Imagine the potion she’d receive to rediscover her finest insight handed to children she loves. A winning Mother’s Day treasure?

Motherhood for me was hands down the most important, challenging and meaningful role in my life. Not because I got it right all of the time.  Nor was parenting easy as a single mom when days slipped into nights with too much to do and too little sleep to keep up. In spite of life’s misgivings and my own missteps though, my daughter was God’s greatest gift, and still is.  A lifetime later I wouldn’t change a thing about her awesome person, or the kindness she shares with enormous generosity to so many!Blog Image 1

Making Memories from Differences

Have you noticed how a child’s expression of love back or any recognition of even the smallest thing a mother does right – goes a long way to make harder parenting parts both doable and fun? My daughter made motherhood awesome when she was younger. Then in her teenage years –  those times we understood and enjoyed one another’s different views most were by far my favorite memories together!

Celebrate Daughter’s Day

When my daughter was young she often said, Let’s celebrate Daughter’s Day, and I agree! So on Daughter’s Day – I’d love to showcase her views more.  I’ll listen to enjoy the depth of her insights about anything she’s willing to share.  I’ll communicate my deep appreciation, because it’s enormous.

Yes, Mother’s Day for me now is equally Daughter’s Day. A moment to value Tan’s awesome parenting skills to my two darling little grandchildren. A time to appreciate and enjoy the amazing man she married, the father of her children, who’s become closer than a son.

Feel Distant or Disappointed on Mother’s Day?

What do you do when you detect distance or disappointment that forces its way between mothers and children?  Regret sometimes seem to ride on wings of wishing you could see into a child’s inner ideas from hearing words unspoken, so you can finally understand those missing communicated parts. Even when love clearly remains constant, whenever we miss a daughter or son’s deeper meanings we also miss a chance to love them tangibly as we desire. We miss memory-building-moments that awaken that fierce and awesome love we hold for them.  Locked-in-love that came with birth and never leaves, yet fails to show at times when needed most. Have you been there?  Square Mothers day cover

Missing Care they Feel for You?

Yes, that same lack of understanding exists for children who miss keen insights from a mother’s view, and somehow miss seeing her genuine care for them. Care that makes them stronger and able to see unchanging love a mother brings, even on days she communicates it less well than they crave or deserve. No question, she likely lets go too much on days they need her care, or holds on too tightly when they crave freedom, as she wobbles along unknown parenting paths sad if they miss her lasting love when she trips and fails.

So we meet disappointed teens reaching out to be heard at deeper levels, and parents reaching back with the same deep longing. It doesn’t have to be that way. Mother’s Day seems to be a  perfect opportunity  for instance, to bring mom’s and adolescents together in symbiotic care. Mother’s Day could teach curious teens and moms from delightful surprises embodied within their shared and separate views.

Where to start?

What if you ask mom’s view on a hot topic, and then make her a card to celebrate her insights on Mother’s Day? Find a fun step-by-step guide here! Teens often like to lead the way by helping moms speak up and feel heard on issues that interest them at school.  Imagine showcasing a valued woman’s point of view this Mother’s Day! Listen to a mother’s unique perspective and you will often be surprised at dynamite insights on hot topics! Then share your views in ways that contrast and compare fun differences. Love and meaning reach across intersections of different views whenever mother and child share strengths as a way to build forward together.

Luckily the brain changes and grows new dendrite cell connections with each action taken in the direction of progress here! Find additional learning tasks that bring adolescents and parents together at my TpT site here – to actively foster love and deeper understanding that teens and moms both crave and deserve on Mother’s Day!

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