Reflect Values Beyond Wall St. Prostitution

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Recent 20/20 reports how Wall Street leaders bought top prostitutes with your hard earned money. Well, they paid prostitutes millions monthly from corporate accounts and falsely called it contract payments, in order to deduct phony expenses from taxes.  You decide whose money paid for this deceit, or why NYPD turned the other way. More importantly, request values reflected in a brain powered climate for your leaders.

In heated response, some will write salacious reports about proof of horrors already known. Others will vent about feeling duped yet again by leaders they trusted with future finances. I wanted to offer a brain based challenge from dynamic neuro-discoveries – that help rebuild in winning ways after leaders we trusted fall. How will you tame your brain’s amygdala to reflect and respond mentally for a reconfigured future?

While it may seem easier to move a graveyard than to fix finances broken by so much corruption, your own brain offers surprising equipment to turn your own and others lives around for good – in spite of current downturns. Yes – it banks even brainpower for financial growth!

Neuro-discoveries recently opened new insights into the power of intrapersonal intelligence to steer us away from greed into giving, to guide us away from sex for profit and into giving relationships that prosper,  to point past deception and narcissism and direct people into well-being and satisfaction, through mutual giving and receiving we can all live with. How so?

1. Consider physical fitness – and your bodily kinesthetic intelligence focus shifts to diet, and exercise that adds health as well as enables you mentally to make finer decisions.

2. Consider mental fitness and you begin to balance your day with multiple intelligence tools that stoke serotonin chemicals for a life worth leading.

3. Consider spiritual fitness – and in response you’ll develop further intrapersonal intelligence to tether what you do in any day — to what you believe according to faith’s deepest directives, and act out what you hope others will respect in you.

The opposite of prostitution on Wall Street is intrapersonal intelligence on your street and mine. Why not survey your own IQ strengths to see where you can contribute more answers through reflection that moves us past prostitution?

Never before have we needed reflective leaders who use mental energy to contribute intelligent solutions that rebuild, rather than stoke cortisol chemicals by stressing only negative news. In fact research shows that stressed brains rely more on habit and slip faster into ruts. What do you think?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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5 thoughts on “Reflect Values Beyond Wall St. Prostitution

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