Reflect to Change your Mind

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If you’re one to stomp feet or pound fists you’ll be glad to see that science shows a far more malleable brain for calm than once thought.

The opposite of frustration is reflection that adds serenity for sharpshooting answers when you most need to get by. In fact, it turns out that reflective actions can improve a brain’s executive skills, by creating and organizing successful plans to meet top targets. Not bad mental benefits on a busy day either.

Rewire your brain for fine tuned reflection through:

  • Your favorite music can boost cognitive performance as music rallies your moods for better results in other skills at the same time.
  • A brisk walk, or running on the spot, can increase neurons in your hippocampus – adding kinesthetic mental power to learning and memory.
  • Highly charged foods such as fruits, fish, nuts and seeds add omega-3 fats to improve mental function and counteract atoms that can damage brain cells.
  • Pick-me-ups such as dark chocolate, coffee, or even a vanilla scented candle in the background can increase chemicals such as serotonin or dopamine – stimulants for well-being.
  • Playful challenges such as Quidler, computer scrabble, or even video games, stir healthy activity in the limbic system and activate the brain’s reward system for better reflections.

Reflection is really a process that turns the mind inward and tames the amygdala – for deeper answers – found in your intrapersonal intelligence pool. That metal data bank that stores your deepest beliefs, your faith, cultural under-footings, and your proclivities to grow,learn and change.

What intelligences could you add to refection to boost brainpower today for winning answers,  in spite of obstacles we all face?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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8 thoughts on “Reflect to Change your Mind

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  5. eweber Post author

    Thanks Michael, it’s always an honor when you stop by, and a special gift when you toss your wisdom into our ring! John Dewey certainly led with wonderful ideas for reflection – Yes! A later book you might also enjoy immensely is Donald Shoen’s REFLECTIVE PRACTITIONER.

    I’d love yo hear briefly – your key gem from Dewey’s work – that would inspire more reflection that leads to genuine change. Your turn…?

  6. michael cardus

    I have been following (though not commenting) on your reflective brain pieces. THANK YOU!
    I am and have seen evidence that when we reflect on learning attention to details and our brains and leadership change can begin.
    Although I caution people that there are proper and inproper ways to reflect. The brain must practice reflection in the proper way for maximal effects. For ideas on effective reflection I suggest reading work by John Dewey. In his Book “How we Think” Dewey lays an excellent foundation to structure refelection for enhanced learning.

    michael carduss last blog post..Are You Prospering With The Brain in Mind: Organizational Development of Western New York

  7. eweber Post author

    Matt, you and I both although I tend to go for the milk chocolate – with fewer anti-oxidants for brainpower. Uggg. Carob also works well and the moderation part you speak of here is the key for each:-) Thanks Matt for stopping by! Love the business philosophy over at

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