Reflect on Life-Changing Brain Facts

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If you knew more about the human brain, and it did nothing to improve your day, the discoveries would be rather useless. The opposite is also true when you choose to live beyond mental myths.

Reflect on rarely considered facts about your brain, and these insights can inspire a brain powered day with unexpected twists for benefit. It starts with a question or two that helps you connect newly discovered brains fact to ratchet up winning lived realities.  For instance …

Does it stir curiosity in your 3 pound brain to know your skin weighs twice as much? Do you wonder why your brain’s 60% fat or 75% water? Do you ponder the implications that blood vessels stretch for 100,000 miles, or that each of 100 billion neurons synapses can reach from 1000 to 10,000?

Would learning change if you lived in sync with the fact that new neurons appear and grow in response to your mental activity. Or that what you do, shapes your brain for health and learning potency, or potential problems long after you retire?

How would you exercise if you hoped to benefit more from the fact that your brain burns 21% of the entire oxygen supply in your body? Would mental fitness increase if you knew a brain loses consciousness with blood loss for 8 to 10 seconds? Or that a brain generates between 10 and 23 watts of power, enough to power a light bulb? Yikes – did I just say a brain equals light bulb electrical power? What would lunch be today if you heard about the 1 million NY students who avoided artificial flavors, preservatives and dyes, scored 14% better on IQ tests.

Would thought patterns change for you, if you saw the mind body connections which indicate that 50% to 70% of doctor visits for physical problems are now attributed to mental factors instead?

Could memory increase for you if you knew that every new thought creates a new dendrite brain cells connection? Or that aromas trigger memory and other emotional sensations? Or that good sleep reconfigures your brain nightly for stronger memory opportunities, while inadequate sleep works against your ability to create new memories?

Facts we don’t know about the human brain remain as vast as stars in a galaxy or waves in the ocean. My question is, though, How will you use what we do know to change and benefit your world today?

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6 thoughts on “Reflect on Life-Changing Brain Facts

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  5. eweber Post author

    Thanks for your kind and encouraging words, Conrad. I remained convinced that what we know about the human brain could help more people if we remove the jargon and make the practical applications. So much still to know — yet we can work better with the knowns as I see it! People deserve to benefit more from the extravagance of their own brains! Think of how this could fix the broken systems that pull this nation down, if leaders operated on human intelligence as it works in our favor:-)

    Attitude is literally linked to intrapersonal intelligence, Conrad, and in that way is all that you detailed so well here! People have no idea how their attitude effects their solutions and once this is recognized and folks use tactics to adjust attitude problems fall into perspective and solutions grow easier. It’s cool to know that fact – because to ratchet up intrapersonal intelligence is to shift attide in the direction of more wins.

  6. Conrad

    Reading your posts helps me change attitude in beneficial ways. Attitude I am thinking of in much the same way that we speak of the attitude of a plane – position of aircraft or spacecraft relative to a frame of reference (the horizon or direction of motion) – meaning that I am changing my orientation to problems and solutions. I am becoming simultaneously calmer and more mentally energized.

    This has been put into practical action involving my business, difficulties experienced by family members and problems resolving issues with our school system. Kind of nice that you have a blog that really helps people, isn’t it?

    Conrads last blog post..Reasons Why College Students Aren’t Like the Rest of the World

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