Reflect – then Leap like Lauren

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You’d be surprised at the most famous YouTube talent out there, as Lauren Luke fits few of the tips we see for talent or for stars.

OK, I’ll agree that make up is not central to most of us. Yet Lauren may be onto something that we each hold in common – turning what you do well into meaningful work that people value even in an economic downtime. It could work for you, just as it’s working well for Lauren.

According to Robert Lee Holtz, Wall Street Journal Science Columnist, Researchers found that sudden insights or Eureka moments show unique neural activity in EEG sensors. Interesting, ahha moments of sudden insights are the culmination of an intense and complex series of brain states that require more neural resources that methodological reasoning. It seems the brain is most actively engaged when our mind is wandering and we’ve actually lost track of our thoughts.

What talent would grow from your corner of the world if you simply acted today on what you do best, in spite of the strikes against you?

Here are a few reflective questions to get you started:

1. What do you find yourself doing, and enjoying even in a busy week?

2. What do others tell you that you do especially well?

3. What would you like to do, if you were able to do more of it?

4. What do you sense you could improve if you had the opportunity?

5. What would give you most satisfaction as a lifetime work?

Start by identifying your strengths or interests with these areas and you’ll like see why research suggests that strength often contains your unique mix of intelligences.¬† Then, all that’s left to do is to link what you do well to launch a lifetime work, just as Lauren Luke did. If a new career path could happen for you, what would you do differently today to rev the engines?

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6 thoughts on “Reflect – then Leap like Lauren

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