Reflect New Approach for Emergency Runways

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Reflect widely and you prepare the brain for sudden landings and successful approaches at unexpected emergency runways. How so? According to Robert Lee Holtz, Wall Street Journal Science Columnist, Researchers found that sudden insights or Eureka moments show unique neural activity in EEG sensors. Interesting, ahha moments of sudden insights are the culmination of an intense and complex series of brain states that require more neural resources that methodological reasoning. It seems the brain is most actively engaged when our mind is wandering and we’ve actually lost track of our thoughts.

When engines died over New York City, Captain Sully reflected for a runway to save his flight, and the Hudson River became his landing pad. What’s your landing strip today? Reflection offers fast alternatives that save lives and add zip, like it opened the Hudson River to Sully’s useless engines. What could it offer you? 

Reflection provides airstrips past ordinary routines or Hebbian lagers, just as it did for the Flight 1549 crew,  when all else failed. It’s opposite depression’s crash. Reflection flies in the face of quiet desperation Thoreau said leads most people’s lives. A reflective brain, in contrast,  illumines novel flight patterns when problems strike.

Imagine media headlines, if journalists spotted five reflective solutions you bring to solve deadly problems you face. Crash landing avoided! Innovation hits all time high! Solutions far more numerous than problems! Achieved top world ranks for peak performance! Flawed system fading in wake of wonderful renewal! Mutual benefits that inspire giving to those in need! Can you see such ringers from your day?

Focus more on sharp mental tools, and less on stubborn problems, and the brain lifts to new flight.

1.   Resist the brain’s pattern to default to ruts or blame others, by reflecting solutions that reframe failures as stepping stones to a way that works.

2. Reboot your day with a two-footed question that leads first toward a solution and second toward your own creativity to resolve.

3. Recognize the brainpower in your amazing amygdala to either solve problems with innovations, or to prolong flaws you face today.

4. Run from naysayers to discover your best brainpower boom, rather than languish with cynics in former failures.

5. Rewire your brain’s chemical and electrical networks to win, by acting out opposites of gloom, and grow intelligences that succeed.

Engines may well die during your most critical flight today, given flawed systems we’ve either endured or created. Like Sully landed his plane in the Hudson River and inspired others though, you have another amazing chance today to live and communicate raw brainpower rather than crash through conflict. Worth a shot?

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