Circle Gatekeepers to Launch Innovations

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For years I sought pathways past gate-keepers in order to introduce and develop shared innovations.

Brain based renewal innovations for leaders and learners rarely make it through routine portals. Been there?

To prance past wardens of yesteryear, takes teaming up with intelligent innovators of tomorrow. It also takes not settling into the kind of peace and harmony that work against brainpower for innovation.

Pacesetters with courage to take risks – first must sidestep doors held shut by porters of the past. If your innovation has been barred behind sentients or cynics, you’ll especially enjoy the adventures of brainpower beyond the barriers.

To propel your innovations over gates – begin with your strong points and go for your brain’s infinite possibilities. The era of the brain is here! Peter Drucker said:

Knowing your strengths in how you learn and think

and acting on this knowledge

is key to performance.

Do you agree? If so, why not survey your intellectual strengths. It’s rarely easy to pioneer innovation in the best conditions, and near impossible to reconfigure tired traditions that able gate-keepers guard. In spite of  tactics proven to reboot brainpower and add innovation, protectors of old turf tend to prevent growth as tenaciously as viruses prevent health. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Move your organization beyond dyed-in-wool

custodians of past ruts –

Reboot brainpower for future expansion!

1). Rename new programs so they no longer resemble older models fiercely protected by a few dated workers, who hightail it from change like mice  run from cats. That way no red flags rise with those who insist on traditions and refuse renewal. Tried to update an innovative development course but cannot get it past an HR committee? Create instead, smart skill modules for reconfigured practices at work. Then require evidence of these updated skills by all workers who seek promotions.

2). Team with innovation investors from several departments.  Create a wider vision for a multi-faceted project made to prosper a new era at work. Gate-keepers find less support to block inventions that propose new practices across differences. Representation across multiple intelligences can catapult cultures and communities over walls that previously blocked growth in any one culture alone.  Ruts and routines are learned behavior and create neuron pathways in the human brain for more exclusion. Develop  keen inventions across wider groups, races, genders and ages, so that all  speak and feel heard at at every stage. Create alliances that pull thoughtful people together from every population group, and expect flawed systems to shrink significantly under the intellectual force that results.

3. Start where you stand now, rather than wait for resources to pour in from a shrinking public purse. You’ve likely noticed that gatekeepers tend to tighten purse strings rather than fund innovations. Use social media groups to gather insights and enlist resources from people with vested interest in changes for mutual benefits. The human brain comes with ready-to-start equipment to build and sustain inclusive cultures. Cultures where innovation,  design and the human brain, lead to profitability for all.

4. Refuse intimidation by gatekeepers, who prevent progress because of  amygdala related problems such as jealousy. How then do you rev up mental power to succeed when gatekeepers intimidate and bully? One innovative leader Dave Caiazza, said it best.

Work against the dangerous twins of jealousy and hypocrisy. They come disguised as concern, shrouded in statistics, and hidden behind a smile. When you’re good at something, there will always be someone who wants to undo you. Don’t let them.

Fortunately, a new reality is emerging where innovators circle their  gatekeepers,  inspire others past gridlocks,  and circumvent old stomping grounds. What could your workplace achieve beyond  gatekeeper barricades?

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4 thoughts on “Circle Gatekeepers to Launch Innovations

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  3. eweber Post author

    An interesting case for the keen strategies it takes to circle gatekeepers, Robyn, thanks! We’ve seen wonderful leaders who strategize to constantly improve. In other cases we’ve watched leaders ignore innovators rather than face the gatekeepers who preserve the old.

    Organizations come up with amazing reasons that enable gate-keepers. Reasons one leader offered – “We can’t change now because we’re being certified this year.” Yikes — certified for what? The place was keeling over with tired traditions and unhappy workers.

    Another group offered, “We can’t do anything about the culture here. We’re stuck with the senior staff and they’re stuck in ruts.”

    Sound like gatekeepers are still winning under many leaders’ watch? I’d be interested in other strategies you’ve tried or observed to win over or walk past gate-keepers for effective organizational change. Thoughts?

  4. Robyn McMaster

    Ellen, thanks for another great post. No matter where you are, gatekeepers guard turf, no doubt for more “control.”

    Thanks for sharing good suggestions to move innovation forward. Not only do innovators have to create, they also have to be creative about how to get through the door!

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