Move Beyond Technology That Fails

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Tonight I attended an Online session that I thought would be leaders engaged in learning improvement and opportunities for growth. Instead a few people ended up engaging one another in technology glitches, while the rest of us wasted time. Has it happened to you? Or have you ever launched what should have been a peak performance that drew in many people, and instead – technology loomed into barriers that precluded any interactions. When mechanical tools fail – mental tools can leap in to redeem a great session with participants’ interest in mind. Do you agree?  

Here are 10 tips to get past technology’s tics, and engage groups respectfully:

1. Set up technology early – even  night before. Early arrivals should be greeted by warm welcome, not faced with technology debacles.

2. Technology lacks tone but leader should not – and everybody in session sees when good tone draws differences together for great learning.

3. Prepare great question on your topic – stir up curiosity from start. Never let people sit idly bored whle you burp technology’s gas pains.

4. Show people come first – and technology follows.  When system fails, set aside and go with interactive prompts to engage curiosity and learning.

5. Ask thoughtful questions – and then be guided respectfully by people’s responses to your technology. Can you see? Hear? Are you able to respond well?

6. Show theme at start – use technology to highlight clear theme and project two-footed question you’ll address in session. That way people prepare mentally while you prepare props.

7). Call on experts from group – when technology breaks. While expert solves problem – you jump-start session with people in mind.

8. Come with alternatives – then shift quickly in technology breakdown. Begin session on time with people at center and great ideas as fuel. Don’t let technical speed bumps steal show.

9. Create checklist ahead – so that people setting up prepare each technical stage one step-at-a-time. Ensure checklist completed well before session.

10. Eliminate technical jargonclarify parts for all to use technical tools you introduce. Ask participants if they need more clarity.  Emphasize your goal to engage people actively with use of best tools through clear communication.

What do you do to ensure your session starts crisp? How do people sense your attention’s more on their success than on technology’s failure? Any tips to add when flawed technology strikes?

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9 thoughts on “Move Beyond Technology That Fails

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  2. Innovation strategy

    Your absolutelly right. I personnally attended many meeting where technology failed and the people who hosted the meetings where feeling very bad and looked disorganized. You should always have a backup alternative ready in my opinion.

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  6. eweber Post author

    Interesting that you mention the proliferation of PP, Wally. We are using it less and less and actually handed out triggers to spark conversation with a leadership group the other day. It was highly over rated and encouraged sages on stages:-)

  7. Wally Bock

    What hath PowerPoint wrought? It’s rare anymore to see a presenter or discussion leader who doesn’t use it, or even one who turns the screen black during discussion. I think the program has led us to think in bullet points instead of in nuance and to opt for presentations instead of discussions.

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