Looking to Change a Culture? Brain Based Co-Creations Move Mindsets

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Have you ever proposed change to a traditional board? I’m talking about an  interactive exchange where board members co-create and help re-shape tangible benefits for current and future members.  Such a proposal – if highly interactive – can put  you on your way to co-facilitating change within the culture this board governs. One highly interactive question, such as What change would benefit all current and future members? will stoke new ideas from any board.

Mind-bending changes could follow a few 30 minute sessions in your upcoming board meetings. Let’s say Rotary Club members envision change that would attract a wider diversity of ages, genders or populations? To co-create change within a Rotary board,  initiate an interactive board meeting where Rotary’s core values would stretch through a planned event to interact with and hear from younger business leaders such as those I teach in MBA leadership classes.

At the co-created outreach event, Rotary members might pose a question such as: Is it the truth? during a interactive dinner event that draws from a wider workforce with shared interests. At this  planning meeting, board members co-create the venue used to reach beyond WHAT IS in order to co-create WHAT COULD BE into growth mindset opportunities for Rotary.

Simply stated the board would use its vast  talents and commitment to launch growth mindset possibilities that replace a fixed mindset problem in that culture that board members identify.

Rotary is only one culture craving change.  How would you propose or help re-shape cultural change within your circles in ways that help  minds expand to the limits of imagination?

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