Move Beliefs into Action to Win

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Your brain’s equipped to do far more with even the most basic belief, that you nudge into action. Multiple intelligences, for example, offer tools to move beliefs into action for a finer world. It often takes insights that come from daydreaming. According to Robert Lee Holtz, Wall Street Journal Science Columnist, Researchers found that sudden insights or Eureka moments show unique neural activity in EEG sensors. Interesting, ahha moments of sudden insights are the culmination of an intense and complex series of brain states that require more neural resources that methodological reasoning. It seems the brain is most actively engaged when our mind is wandering and we’ve actually lost track of our thoughts.

Humans also pack punches from a unique mix of eight intelligences – each one linked to beliefs that could improve your situation. How so?

Add feet to beliefs, and you also reboot your mental zip! Does it happen for you? Do what others don’t, and run your day in a new direction for growth. Birds outside my frosty window eat Niger seed but don’t sing in winter. A cardinal stopped by and sang this morning, in spite of icy chill that silences birds till spring. Move one belief into a lived improvement, in spite of limitations, and your brain rewires plasticity for more of the same intelligence. See growth potential?

Believe that lectures work against brains? Then inspire roundtables for learners and teachers to solve real problems by drawing on many intelligences. In so doing you also develop more interpersonal intelligence.

Believe war is not road to lasting peace? Suggest one peaceful alternative that would benefit all humans involved. At the same time you’ll add dendrite brain cells for intrapersonal intelligence.

Believe IQ is not fixed? Take an intelligence growth survey to see why IQ scores used in past era may not fit new facts about extravagance of human brainpower. The act will also stir your mathematic intelligence to create new outcomes.

Believe music jacks up productivity? Play Handel, Vivaldi or Corelli today and brainstorm an innovation that could change your workplace in the coming week. Rock you brain to music and at the same time ratchet up musical intelligence for benefits from benefits from many different genres.

Believe nature’s fragile yet valuable? Repot your favorite plant as I did recently and watch its healthy reaction. Spend time beside a fast flowing brook. Recycle in ways that sustain life. Grow naturalistic intelligence by acting on best beliefs about nature.

Likely you can think of additional intelligences,  with potential acts that grow more IQ through what you do today. Hopefully my few suggestions will move yours best beliefs into action for growth. What additions would you add?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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14 thoughts on “Move Beliefs into Action to Win

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    What a wonderful quote Wally, and in fact it also reflects the way the brain uses acts! That quote’s better than the whole post cause it says it better. Thanks — you have a wonderful brain for getting to points!

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