10 Moves to Mine Innovation at Meetings

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Consider countless hours wasted on counterproductive meetings, where the upshot’s  little more than routine announcements. Not surprising that Seth Godin refuses to attend meetings since meetings work against the human brain

How could you transform  your next meeting into a treasure trove of talent such as Paul Sloane suggests here for an  innovative takeaway?

Human brains come equipped to build and sustain innovative cultures where design leads to profitability.

Want to revitalize your next meeting to trump innovation brainpower?

  1. Survey workers to identify toxins that drain brainpower.
  2. Create teams to propose  workplace wellness opportunities.
  3. Invite feedback to unleash brainpower beyond cynicism.
  4. Collaborate tone tools to turn around broken practices.
  5. Welcome solutions and alternatives from those who differ.
  6. Ask 2-footed questions to engage curiosity.
  7. Discuss broken systems with solutions in mind.
  8. Reconfigure meetings to motivate more brainpower.
  9. Encourage disagreement that builds goodwill.
  10. Facilitate innovation with the brain in mind.

Here are 25 further ways to reboot brainpower and add innovation in transformed meetings. Could your next roundtable  raise the bottom line?

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