Looking for Your Halloween Muse?

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What if you were to build creative writing tasks around your fun Halloween plans?

Halloween Fun

Teachers and teens love to find Halloween ready-to-roll materials that young writers breakthrough ideas, wrapped in holiday fun. Below are cool writing prompts to get you started.

See a brief Halloween writing task video here.

Choose your favorite tasks one at a time, in teams or individually, and then keep them nearby to keep your writing adventures alive after the ghosts have flown again.

Ready to transform Halloween history, experiences and cool costumes into writing fun?

Try these tactics and your Halloween muse will do the rest.

Have students create 10 Halloween writing prompts to list of board, or design posters to display and add to those brain parts that help them write well

1). scribble a cool Halloween writing idea
2). ask what if related to a Halloween costume you have in mind…?
3). write for 3 minutes to start a spooky story
4). re-word news facts you read about Halloween
5). visualize a respected friend inviting you to a Halloween party
6). insert opposite views to Halloween fun
7). intrigue a friend with your best Halloween memory
8). explain why you celebrate (or do not celebrate) Halloween to a critic
9). predict key Halloween takeaways for friends
10). laugh a little at yourself over a Halloween story

In the ready-to-roll resource here you will find many two footed questions like these to trigger your own fun Halloween facts. For example, you will

Affirm different views on P. 20
Pin your thanks on P. 21
Crate a T-chart for critical thinking on P. 22
Enjoy brainwaves and music to write right on P. 23
Reflect on “What if your writing opened a broader view? on P. 28
Survey your multiple intelligences as tools on P. 29
Design a student-led initiative that gives voice to tone on P. 30
Share a peer editing product often used here on P. 31
Discover a rubric criteria – negotiate your grades on P.  32
Write your multiple intelligence strengths on P. 33
Write from fictitious Namungo points of view on P. 41
Discover rubric templates on P. 42
Find task cards related to Halloween topics on P. 47

Hopefully these ready-to-roll brain-based materials will benefit your learners and leaders as they do mine at middle, secondary, university levels and beyond.

Do follow my Growth Mindset TpT site and keep up with brain-friendly materials to enhance your class, for any topics you teach.

If you have any further questions about how to get the most from brain based student-ready products, please do contact me at ewebermita@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to help further.

All the best as you learn and lead with the brain in mind!

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset