Teach Empathy to Teens or Face Fallout in Leaders

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Lack of empathy in high school lessons, ensures a lack of emotional capability in adult leaders. This lack shows up in a leader’s inability to learn from,  collaborate with, or care for those who differ. Have you seen this emotional disability in your leaders?

Since empathy is a central component of the brain’s intrapersonal intelligence, it’s vital to teach and practice emotional care at the center of learning! To catch teen’s natural curiosity – I start with interactive readings about empathy’s place in their unique brains.


How do you integrate empathy that benefits teens? Looking for student-ready materials to  transform students’ personal feelings such as empathy into their personal custom made learning tools? Here’s another no prep resource from my TpT site that integrates emotional IQ with learning benefits.

empathy jpeg

Do you agree that it’s not enough to merely talk about the brain’s magical emotional health equipment?  If so, what will you do differently to teach and practice empathy in your next lesson?

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