Learning Takes Speaking Change to Chaos

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Feel frustrated by leaders who value money, power or influence more than people, possibilities and problem-solving that benefits all concerned?

Lead toward possibilities

Good news is – your brain comes equipped with all the tools you need to lead a finer future for yourself and others. How so?

When lists about terrific teaching become observable learner benefits – all brains advance.

1. Support an autistic teen to spot and use unique talents and you lead multiple intelligence increases.

2. Speak thankfulness for what you have, rather than worry about your limitations you face and  strength marches forward.

3. Laugh at the little things and you lead others to laugh with you more.

4. Give something of value to a person with less and you give generosity a chance to flourish that day.

5. Make mutually beneficial decisions with people of diverse beliefs, and you’ll sink less under dysfunctional leaders who demand their own way.

Change takes action, and action changes the brain and showcases evidence. In each action above, you’ll need a good supply of serotonin, and you can increase this mental wellbeing chemical along your way. Worth a shot?

What evidence will your day show how in most situations you led yourself and others toward a finer place?

What if you were to teach others how to lead toward delightful results in spite of challenges or chaos? Find, no-prep student-ready lead and learn materials with brain based tools at my TpT site. BB leadership for learning growth

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset