Mountain Drama that Changes Lives

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Looking for a riveting page-turner for adventure lovers? Support secondary school students summer reading through this non-fiction narrative, they won’t put down.¬† They’ll engage their keen sense of adventure while awakening their unique intelligences to walk into the most terrifying geological event of our time.

Eruption - non--fiction

In his award-winning book, ERUPTION, Steve Olson weaves personal stories into historical narratives to show how the most disastrous American volcano eruption of our time, is active and alive in each of us. How so?

Guide students through this interwoven non-fiction. Olson’s fascinating¬† account of history, science and human stories of survival shows our own natural resilience to advance on a dangerous planet. Perfect summertime reading, or an ideal read for adventurous teens at any time to be honest!

See the video description of brain based and student-ready materials at my TpT site. Materials are designed to walk student readers through this life-changing text, without extra prep on teachers’ busy schedule. Expect debates to arise and differences to emerge in as they trek together toward the mountain’s raging summit.

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