Scholarships Awarded in Dr. Robyn McMaster’s Honor!

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As the anniversary of life-changing sorrow and loss nears for some of us, we look forward together. In celebration of a life deeply treasured, we award the first two scholarships to honor our internationally beloved Robyn McMaster who passed on July 7th, of last year – well before we were willing to let her go.

Those who knew Robyn and were touched by her special brand of faith, gentleness, humility, and unconditional love, likely imagine with us, her enthusiastic heavenly cheers for both scholarship recipients! We’re especially excited to observe and share their mind-bending results, that will emerge over the coming year. How so?

The first scholarship is awarded to a community leader and part-time faculty at Brockport University. The Mita International Brain Center will coach and partner with this faculty scholarship recipient using the brain based text, Mita Strategies in the Classroom and Beyond.     Scholarship 1 A

You can expect from this scholarship a Student-Led Celebration of Innovation at Brockport University to engage the wider community, and to illustrate how higher education learning and leading progress with the brain in mind. We’ll announce the time, date and place for this interactive celebration at a later date – for those who’d like to attend and interact with us on key leadership and learning topics.

Scholarship 1 B

At this Celebration of Innovation, expect to see living proof of student-led  motivation and achievement, in higher education, in the community and in your life.

scholarship 1 C

You’ll see mental fires burning strong rather than leaders burning out, at that interactive Celebration of Innovation.

The second scholarship is awarded to a teenager Robyn both knew and valued, who currently attends the Fairport, New York School District. The Mita International Brain Center will coach and partner with this secondary student scholarship recipient using the I AM Cards, that inspire brain based learning and leading through 100 active prompts, each rooted in new neuro discoveries that shape learning and leading with the brain in mind.


Expect to see our dynamic results in a video that  investigates and shares our conclusions about the ways humans learn best and how schools can relate to the equipment human brains bring to the learning and leading process.

Iam card sample

For instance we will chase and address two footed questions, such as:  How are you smart? And we’ll ask one another, How might educational organizations capitalize more on your unique capabilities?

Expect to interact with learners and leaders of all ages who impact our answers, and you’ll enjoy teen and adults’ insights about learning and leading after trying out brain based tools. Anything you’d like to add, as curiosity heads out of the gates to start the race?

These two scholarships (worth $2500.00 each)  were launched by the generosity, foresight and kindness of Sherri Tyler at Literary Sherri  and are supported by amazing champions of learning and leading progress listed here.  With thanks and shared promise, we walk on  with Robyn’s awesome memory to cheer our efforts!

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