Brain Based Tools for Teens Who Struggle

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It’s no secret that teens are dropping out of school at alarming rates. Or that kids who drop out face a higher risk of drugs, depression, homelessness, and even death.

What I find especially alarming though, is that these at-risk teens bring amazing mental capabilities into every circle they enter. Sadly however, they too often leave us without using any of their amazing intelligences!

Summer break offers an ideal time to turn teen troubles into groundbreaking talents at multiple levels with I AM Cards!.

What if these same teens could accomplish things never before accomplished by using parts of their brains never before used? Yes, it’s possible as I’ve discovered over 40 years of helping teens learn and lead with their brains more in mind.

Brain facts such as how to generate and lead kindness and caring, not always linked to learning, show how mental tools grow awesome outcomes.

For instance, I use I AM Cards to get teens teaching from their strengths, from the get go and they amaze me every time.


Play with the cards rather than rush through them, and teens take charge with their awesome capabilities before you know it. Here’s how I welcome them on board as teachers from the start…

Iam card sample

Your questions may differ but it should act as a curiosity builder to hook teens’ interests and draw on their unique capabilities to do something with what they learn at the same time they are learning it.

By the time teens tackle the 100th I AM Card – they’re ready to tackle the world. Armed with mental tools for anything new they learn and curiosity cultivated from their own unique intelligences, they join the ranks of those headed to new peaks in a life worth living!

Create your own I AM cards, with your teens, or you might enjoy using my brain based set of 100 I AM cards with 100 brain facts to apply – here at my TpT site.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset