My Trusty Tercel Reboots at Hoselton!

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My beloved Tercel and I are both getting on, so when my 22 year old terrific Toyota simply refused to shift into gear, as I traveled to speak about human brains last Friday, I suddenly needed a brainy place where older cars can still qualify as awesome. Compare my little car to hybrids, luxury land cruisers, or flying machines and perhaps it pales. Taken on its own merit though,  my consistent carriage asks for little and costs less to maintain than fresh flowers that pop up faithfully in spring.  My Toyota tercel

Sensing its somewhat lackluster performance lately,  I’d slipped an emergency auto shop contact in my bag, since my own mechanic handles regular maintenance only. But when the newfound manager quoted a whopping $2500 for work that didn’t need doing, I sent another tow truck to haul my reliable long-lifer to Hoselton Toyota lot. Brilliant choice! I soon discovered that age at Toyota, rocks resilience for cars and humans and my terrific, but a-bit-tired-Tercel  encountered regal consideration. Within minutes I was sold, brains moved into gear and my Toyota reboot began.

Hoselton personnel, Andrew Eaton won my trust when he agreed that my car offers Toyota a distinctive ad based on longevity that newer Toyotas have yet to prove. After 22 years, with regular maintenance this car still saves on gas, provides perfect transportation and very often has people proclaim its flare for magical durability. One retired Toyota leader told me a few years ago that my Tercel was Toyota’s best kept secret for miracle designs.

Today, Andrew listened carefully to my suggestion that the clutch collapsed and then asked thoughtful questions as we exchanged genuine appreciation for this little car’s fuel economy, persistent performance, and low emissions. He  helped me secure a loaner with valued staffer Chris, and let me know that my Tercel was in good hands for key repairs needed.

Within minutes, Andrew created a win for Toyota’s brand and confidence for my brain. Truth be known,  I identify with Europe’s mentality that cars do not define humans, and bigger isn’t better. Today, the supreme service and professionalism at Hoselton Toyota reminded me that likely my regal little car still derives its mojo from folks like Andrew who bring out true value in cars and humans – at a fair cost.

Andrew Eaton reminds me of fine young men and women I teach in an MBA course – Lead Innovation with the Brain in Mind. This Toyota leader delighted in taking  a personal interest to rejuvenate my tired Tercel and he left me with a sense that we’d both be treated as well as any sentient in his lot. Our world needs more faithful Tercels, and more ambassadors of magic like Andrew Eaton, at Hoselton Totota in East Rochester, NY.

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2 thoughts on “My Trusty Tercel Reboots at Hoselton!

  1. eweber Post author

    Thanks Jim, your own leadership at Amica brings us all a clarion call we crave – of ethics, care and wisdom!

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