Expect Vision to Fuse Racial Differences

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Progressive leaders see life-changing possibilities in challenges, and ask ethically powered questions to learn from those who differ, as President Obama did over beer to resolve racial misunderstandings. It works because diversity infuses colors, textures, depth, and angles into successful visions, that less effective directions lack. Not rhetoric fueled by diversity training’s buzz, but deep understanding fueled from differences shared gutturally.  Those who envision opposite views fused into one vision, tend to learn and lead at the peaks.

In many countries MITA works to leads brain based tactics across differences. We’ve often asked how leadership can improve by engaging strengths across racial diversity.  Have you seen it happen?

Non-racist living and learning literally reshapes our brains, whenever we recognize and resolve racist comments as Prince Harry did in a military encounter. We’ve observed dynamic fusion of ideas into lived visions from questions that invite input across differences.

Differences mesh into life-changing mosaics that inspire change, when race adds its vibrant colors, shades and angles into the mix.

Racial differences become tools for growth, when people recognize biases that tend to be hardwired into the human brain, confront innate prejudices and create genuine alliances that lead opposing views together. Research shows that less effective leaders see people who differ as “other” and emphasize what they perceive as weaknesses, while ignoring genuine strengths that emerge from differences.

We all lose whenever any one race is denied access as seen in the January 2009 study which shows African Americans who meet barriers in the advertising industry.

Check out this new look at racial differences through three unique lenses of history, human variation and lived experience. Does human variation help or hurt your workplace?

A study in this months’ Science shows how we continue to lose because of unconscious racism, and that discrimination still holds powerful sway in our nation. Do you agree with Time Magazine’s cure for racism?

Could you imagine a winning vision across races today, from ten lived words?

1. Disagree – with the kind of art and tone that learns from opposing views.
2. Build – goodwill to address controversial issues from diverse perspectives.
3. Question – in ways that invite unique angles and approaches to emerge.
4. Survey – to learn what people value and what they still need to succeed at work.
5. Affirm – other people’s offerings to increase lessons that differences add.
6. Thank – people for efforts and achievements that draw from different backgrounds.
7. Share – personal opinions more as piggy-backed offerings that build together.
8. Inspire – round-table interactions that build confidence for shared common ground.
9. Respect – unique mix of intelligences in ways that encourage growth from all.
10. Laugh – at personal idiosyncrasies and encourage others to laugh at themselves.

How does your leadership use racial strengths to build across differences – for an impressive shared vision?

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24 thoughts on “Expect Vision to Fuse Racial Differences

  1. phyllis w. taylor

    Yes I think racisim is still well alive even thought we have have came afar, there are still prejudices around. I liked one of the comments that was in the secession VAULES THAT CREATE OF EXCELLENCE. iT SAYS KINDNESS, LISTENING, COMPASSION, AND CARE STARTS WITH RESPECT FOR THE DIGNITY OF EACH PERSON REGARDLESS OF RACE BACKGROUND.

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  23. eweber Post author

    Robyn, I’m intrigued by your notion of creating a climate – and since I see you do that with amazing acumen, I can also see why the BEST emerges!

    Love your question too. In Brain Based Certification – we inspire others to try very rejuvenated approaches to solve very stubborn and often long-lasting problems. When people see their own solutions on center stage and see the ripples of inspiration they bring for improvement – they change their own beliefs and mine too! It’s really about facilitating smarts and then enjoying the ride together!! Would you agree?

  24. Robyn McMaster

    By focusing on what others do well, and ask questions to bring out their best, we can create a climate where we truly learn. Creating an environment for respect and valuing others rather than tolerating them, takes much skill… especially when it comes to changing ingrained beliefs.

    Do you have an example of when you were able to help another person change a long-held belief?

    Robyn McMasters last blog post..Mental Rehearsal Boosts Performance

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