Can Fearless Girl Handle Fear Bulls Bring?

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Could Fearless Girl  help remove fear from leaders who run with brute force of Charging BullsState Street Global Advisors suggest she can! You?

Fearless Girl

Or do we still have a bigger problem grasping how male and female leaders differ  yet come together in ways that can benefit all? Would we fear these two sculptures less, if they stood together outside Prime Minister Trudeau’s cabinet which honors female leaders and male leaders shared roles  so that each gender shares an equal number of cabinet seats as happens in Canada.  Her plaque would still read: 

women in leadership

Or are sculptor Arturo Di Modica, of Wall Street’s iconic “Charging Bull” rights violated as he and his lawyer claim? Really? Haven’t women’s rights simple stood up and felt heard finally and clearly through the “Fearless Girl image?”

Yes – a young girl’s courage can stare down brute force in ways that show “freedom in the world, peace, strength, power and love,” through the courage and capabilities of female and male brainpower in the same space – together.

Men who don’t like women taking up space are exactly why we need the Fearless Girl,” tweeted Mayor de Blasio. Perhaps another fitting tweet might be, “Women with courage to contribute can bring a very different, yet valid skill set to ensure all humanity benefits more from that added strength.”

Perhaps the next bronze sculpture related to male and female courage, might showcase Canadian Cabinet seats where women and men sit equally in a fearless new era to advance humanity’s equity together. Could it also happen here in the US? The Fearless Girl will cheer us all on to critically think through debate topics such as, “war is an acceptable path to peace!” Or ‘how do ALL benefit more when we include all?”

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