Addressing Growing Concerns for Teens’ Mental Health

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Never before have teens needed us more to spot safe places past their struggles, and to support their strengths. After a lifetime of working with teens and their families, it pains me to read reports of spiked suicides, along with a proliferation of chemicals and drugs used to try and rebuild broken emotional balance, in unsettled teens.

Intrapersonal Intelligence or Emotional IQ is Vital to Teen Health!

Intrapersonal Intelligence or Emotional IQ is Vital to Teen Health!

It’s also no surprise, in this era of conflict, divergence, and confusion that too many teens get left behind. Unsettling though, are the growing number of adolescents who feel abandoned at the very time they need our support most. A compelling case for counselors, teachers, coaches and caregivers to help shore up teens’ emotional and intrapersonal health.

The result of our neglect to foster teens’ emotional growth? We’ll continue to see more chemical additives prescribed than ever before,  as suicide rates will continue to spike. It doesn’t have to be that way, and teens deserve far more.

Teens love to discover the power of their living pharmaceuticals

Teens love to discover the punch of their living pharmaceuticals

What if we guide more emotional health by supporting our teens’ awesome brains and terrific talents they bring to the table daily? Everybody would win! Aside from the fact that teens hold enormous value to us and their mental wellbeing should be top priority, it’s also a fact that these adolescents will soon be leading us all.

Holidays can be the worst time for depression and loneliness to spawn! But it doesn’t have to be this way, if you create space for mindfulness, stress shrinks by default!

I’m especially excited to upload and introduce 60 one-page close readings with 30 flexible teen-related-tasks – to teach intrapersonal IQ wonders about their awesome brains. Teens are reading close passages anyway – in preparation for spring tests. Why not reduce their anxiety while they practice emotionally relevant responses to timed passages within interactive notebooks.

Looking to build an emotionally, socially, and academically strong and caring learning communities for teens? To build emotional or intrapersonal IQ – teens need a safe place where they can socialize, or step aside to investigate new ideas, speak up and feel heard?

Students enjoy reading daily passages that inspire intrapersonal health. In these one page readings and responses, teens  track their reading and practice progress as they complete multiple intelligence tasks with fun, writing triggers. They work alone at times, and with peers in team projects. Oh, and I added three bonus videos to this resource, in order to introduce namungos (fiction characters with real brain parts) to their teen counterparts.

Gain insights about teen’s awesome brain, as you communicate how readings relate to their lives, so that differences only add to learning progress. When their intrapersonal intelligence finds balance many teens find themselves propelled by their own brilliance!

Curiosity becomes a daily adventure especially between teens and adults (or caregivers) where passages are designed to awaken new neuron pathways on both the left and the right side of their brains. When teens tackle topics that interest them, in these 60 readings, intrapersonal intelligence is sparked and can be useful with any of the 30 reading related tasks!

Paste these brain based essays on the left side of an interactive notebook pages, and teens doodle, quip, interact and complete related tasks on the right pages. Do you see opportunities for teachers and trusted adults to contribute in teens problem solving possibilities – as they grow and strengthen reading, writing, and intrapersonal IQ in fast-past fun ways that teens most enjoy.

Imagine teens who raise their intrapersonal IQ while practicing reading and writing skills!

Imagine teens who raise their intrapersonal IQ while practicing reading and writing skills!

Let’s face it – teens are already a walking, living, breathing, pharmaceutical mix!  They simply need our encouragement and care to awaken their natural drugs in ways that help them chase their dreams! What do you think?

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