Crave More Kindness in Your Disruption?

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Today I watched a teacher walk out quietly with a potentially disruptive student. Five minutes later both student and teacher walked back with dignity, calm and a learning readiness we all admired. In much the same way, my son-in-law steps aside with my grandchildren when they lose control and minutes later both return ready to engage with calm, kindness and curiosity.

Since I’m privileged to enjoy a close and trusting relationship with my highly respected son-in-law, I asked Neal why this rarely evidenced exchange works so well? What happens in private? His response –

“I ask them what’s going on, I listen to their version of  emotional reactions here, and then I assure them how much I love and care for them.”   Crave kindness

Many teens and adults lose confidence and feel stuck in negative emotions that block their brain’s ability to think, solve problems or make good decisions. The amygdala (which is the brain’s seat of emotions) flares up, toxic chemicals – such as cortisol – stress the brain and calm or kind choices shut down. Cortisol fuels stress and fear that causes an emotional outburst and blocks any ability to spot a peaceful or healthy possibility as a solution to the problem faced. Both the transformational teacher  and my brilliant son-in-law moved a troubled youth from an emotional state into one of renewed possibilities.

In both examples above a youth found a way to regain dignity by fueling their brains with serotonin,  (the brain’s well-being chemical for making kinder choices). Serotonin also fuels the healthy disruptive approaches that transforms learners into innovators who lead others past stubborn ruts or tired routines.  In contrast, sudden outbursts erupt from fear, or frustration and default us back to stress and anxiety.

Luckily we can pre-empt learner anxiety, and ramp up confidence with motivational prompts that lead to game-changing takeaways.  For that reason, I designed I AM cards to help learners foster risks for innovative choices, and to help reduce emotional despair. For example, students create tasks based on  brain based prompts related to their unique talents, their intrapersonal IQ development, and to leadership skills learned.

With brain based “I AM” task cards – especially designed to offer an interactive tool for students or adults, students prepare mentally to advance to the next logical step, in spite of stressors we all encounter. They learn to include and hear opposing views with a rational mental state, for instance, and so it’s no surprise they begin to lead with kindness and caring that benefits all.  Capture1

These 100 cards prompt individuals and teams to capture beliefs, transform anxious feelings and build dreams that resonate best with that person’s emotional and cognitive preferences. Oh, did I mention that users also learn a basic brain benefit on every card that helps them to  risk disrupting tired traditions by proposing innovative solutions?

Inspire your way into insights on topics and talents with fun I AM cards. Gain insights about your awesome brain, as you communicate kind and caring approaches with others. Suddenly, even daily routines don new colors, shapes and textures in response! Enjoy new learning adventures at any age or any developmental stage. Tackle innovative challenges daily, but progress at your own speed. Track your innovative results to improve your situation with tangible takeaways and enjoy the growth mindset that results. Use these cards to work alone or in teams – and show evidence of your incredible results.


Imagine curiosity, care and confidence as your daily adventures especially between teens and seniors (or others) where confidence building trigger cards awaken new neuron pathways on both the left and the right side of your brain. Tackle topics that interest you with a brain-friendly zest that turns even boring routines or ruts into brainy discoveries!

Tell us how ready-to-roll brain-based materials will benefit your daily goals as they advance secondary, university level learners and beyond.

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If you have any further questions about how to get the most from I AM cards, please do contact me  and I’ll be glad to support you further.

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