When Your Leaders Fall Short – Do You?

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Every failed move by leaders you observe, opens an opportunity for innovative leadership alternatives. Let’s say you care deeply about wellbeing for every human inside and beyond our nation.  Or you strongly oppose war as any segue possibility into peace.  What if you run from inequity,  abhor abortion, yet firmly believe that all humans deserve complete freedom to choose what to do with their bodies?  Or what if you crave those Canadian-kind of communities that care and support refugees and embrace disadvantaged teens who get shut out or abused in our fast-paced race to new peaks? Are you stuck with defeat, if your leaders seem disinterested in whatever are your issues?

Abe Lincoln Become the Change He Craved and So Can You

abe lincoln

Even if leadership chaos appears to uproot good people at every intersection, we can  lead innovation with the brain in mind. We can make a difference!

My students love to co-lead  class, for instance, and we all both teach and learn to create an innovative solution to nagging problems we share. Then we infuse our unique solutions with new neuro discoveries to ensure we lead others with care and that we tackle problems together with possibilities in mind.

Through 40 years of teaching and coaching with brain based tools that design measurable leadership solutions, I’ve noticed how even the most gifted leaders rarely depart from one clearly articulated pattern. They start with a stubborn problem that can easily identified, and without doubt, could be blamed on systems or others involved. Yet  transformation occurs, when gifted leaders begin to facilitate small, steady actions toward innovative solutions.

Let’s say you crave better respect for all humans.  Not surprisingly, only after recognizing the need for diversity, do you begin to create innovative tools that build better benefits for all. Rather than discuss stunned reactions to bans and blunders in DC, leaders focus on their unique ability to become the advocate they want others to see in them. My students discuss possibilities that a political leader may rule with corrupted practices, but rarely leave such a discourse without pondering in some way, what’s next for our leadership?

Choices Determine Our Passion for Innovative Leadership

Standing at three junctures, we face choices to lead. We consider research about how brains impact innovation, remind one another that “we the people” don’t need to capitulate to communities hijacked even by a few billionaires.  Nor do leaders who build walls, automatically crush those humane bridges we the people build and value.  1.lead change.

Finally, the endless lesson my student leaders teach me, shows evidence that there are  bigger problems than our political leaders could solve, even if they tried.

So rather than despair, when leaders focus on gridlock,  votes or money yet lose sight of the humanity they serve, student leaders focus on innovative possibilities created together and in ways that benefit most.

Students love to look beyond personal opinions, to consider values from views of  We, the people – and offer visionary possibilities that a caring chief would support. Their solutions tend to meet more human needs, and lower barriers to basic essentials of  survival for a growing number of citizens.

Students launch leadership initiatives from junctures where “war or leader abuse, ” might meet “opportunities for most people” and where, “our personal roles might help lead original possibilities”.  They often start with a question such as – What innovative choices will your circle lead  today with others in mind? engageparents69

Looking for leadership materials to help your class or circle lead more with the brain in mind. You’ll find resources here that culminate in student-led celebrations that bring entire communities on-board for another look at what it means to lead in ways that benefits all concerned.

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