Question Myths and Reboot Brainpower

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Are you living more myths pushed by cynics than mental realities from innovators? You’ll know by how much success or failure you meet on a daily basis. To achieve more success, for instance, you’ll want to burst through mental myths and begin to ride the adventures of reality. How so?

Whenever you question mental myths, using realities from current neuro facts,  you begin to reboot  brainpower for new adventures. It takes specific action though to rewire dendrite brain cells for rejuvenation.  How many myths hold you back?  

Why not launch a few dynamic new trajectories today, by trying out Smart skills below, that will move beyond the 25 myths into realities that win.

Smart skill 5 – Question Myths and Act out Answers to Reboot Brainpower

1. BOREDOM MYTH:Other people or work bore you and that’s why you’re not getting ahead.
Question:: Since boredom is a mental habit shaped by choices, what about boring talks?
Reboot Brainpower: Sketch or diagram ideas during next boring talk, and plan personal solution based on one fact you hear.

2. DISORGANIZATION MYTH:Unkempt settings have little to do with  mental performance.
Question:: What workplace setting would enhance solutions from additional intelligences?
Reboot Brainpower: Tidy immediate work area, and add a plant for added naturalistic intelligence.

3. IMPROVEMENT MYTH:When events change, then people can feel better about their future.
Question:: How is well-being fueled and sustained consistently by serotonin chemicals?
Reboot Brainpower
:Laugh, care, give, walk, play, eat well, or serve and you’ll add serotonin for positive change.

4. ANGER MYTH: People or situations make you angry, fearful or frustrated and cause reactions.
Question: How are anger, fear, and frustration fueled and extended more by cortisol chemicals?
Reboot Brainpower: Step back, breathe or focus on a fun event to bypass amygdala defaults.

5. VENTING MYTH:It’s best to get things off your chest by speaking out about key problems.
Question: How is venting bad for the brain by creating neuron pathways for more of same?
Reboot Brainpower:Disagree while showing how you also learn from and respect a person.

6. SUCCESS MYTH: Once a situation improves, then people can achieve success in response.
Question: How do dendrite brain cells reshape your brain based on what you do in any day?
Reboot Brainpower:Apply a solution today, that a top leader would win awards for doing well.

7. MUSIC MYTH: Music is the last thing that can help in stressful situations or aid concentration,
Question: What music changes brain wave speeds and impact moods to improve productivity?
Reboot Brainpower:Test different background tunes as you work today, to compare effects.

8. SPEAKER MYTH: Lectures offer a valuable way to learn – especially when speaker’s interesting.
Question: Why do lectures  work against listeners’ brains and for speakers’ intelligence only?
Reboot Brainpower: Ask questions that will generate great exchange of ideas on your topic.

9. TRADITIONS MYTH:Following similar routines and keeping traditions are healthy practices.
Question: How do Hebbian workers rewire their brains to kill incentives, limit focus daily?
Reboot Brainpower: Do one routine differently daily, even if it’s to drive a different route.

10. DIVERSITY MYTH:In order to include others it’s good to attend diversity training programs.
Question: How do diversity programs work against benefits through use of a deficit model?
Reboot Brainpower:Take person of another gender and culture to lunch and ask great questions.

11. SLEEP MYTH: When people feel sleepy it’s impossible to concentrate or to get motivated.
Question: How do brain waves bring  sleep or peak performance, based on what we do?
Reboot Brainpower: Change activity to restore energy, and to speed brain waves for action.

12. LEARNING MYTH: Some things cannot be learned effectively by some in reasonable time.
Question: How can hooking facts onto what you already know increase learning in less time?
Reboot Brainpower: Attach any one personal experience to any part of a difficult to do task.

13. ROUTINE MYTH:Following predictable schedule with  predictable routines is best practice.
Question: How does brain’s basal ganglia create ruts, while working memory holds less?
Reboot Brainpower: Repeat one newly learned task a few times to embed into basal ganglia.

14. IQ MYTH:Intelligence is established as child and IQ is pretty much fixed before adulthood.
Question:: What intelligences are common to all, used by few, and can be more developed daily?
Reboot Brainpower: Deliberately do one that from each of your 8 intelligences daily.

15. CYNICISM MYTH:Cynicism’s just part of people and can become an intelligent approach too.
Question: Why do cynical mindsets literally block creativity, block talent, and kill innovation?
Reboot Brainpower: Create something, develop talents you enjoy and inspire innovation.

16. MEMORY MYTH: When we get older we tend to forget keys, and forget people’s names more.
Question: How is memory outsourced to help people remember, and to free the mind for  focus?
Reboot Brainpower: Create a to do list, create hook for keys, or jot down directions received.

17. SENIORS MYTH:Once a person reaches older age, learning decreases and with it, intelligence fails.
Question: How does plasticity enables people to rewire the human brains for younger and smarter?
Reboot Brainpower:Tell three people your age and remind them about miracles of neurogenesis.

18. MOODS MYTH:When discouragement hits, not much can change moods until life improves.
Question: How does encouragement change the chemistry of a brain through raised serotonin?
Reboot Brainpower:Do the opposite of bad moods and watch emotional intelligence kick in.

19. TONE MYTH:It’s fine to respond to people in softer ways to avoid hurt feelings by our words.
Question: How do meta messages destroy relationships through mixed meanings of what’s said?
Reboot Brainpower: Say what you really mean and find the tone to disagree, yet speak honestly.

20. SKILL MYTH:Some careers call for hard or soft skills, and hard skills tend to trump soft.
Question: Why does integration of  hard/soft skills help to solve problems with more brainpower?
Reboot Brainpower: Apologize for errors and teach a wronged person a math or science skill.

21. STRESS MYTH:There’s good and bad stress, and sometimes people work better with stress.
Question: Can stress literally shrinks the brain, and how does tone act as its silent killer?
Reboot Brainpower: Walk to lower stress, and listen to improve your tone when stressors hit.

22. COMMUNICATION MYTH:With larger groups at times, use of names is simply not expedient.
Question: Why greet  people  by name, or spike brain areas responsible for personal awareness?
Reboot Brainpower: Ask names of three people you meet today and then speak name in response.

23. TEACHING MYTH: After people master a skill, only then are they ready to teach that skill to others.
Question: How can people inspire innovation through teaching others while learning at the same time?
Reboot Brainpower: Teach one skill to another person at the same time you too are learning it.

24. LEADERSHIP MYTH:Workers often tell you that leaders need to act before improvements come.
Question: How does the brain create new neuron pathways when you solve any new problem?
Reboot Brainpower: Suggest one doable solution to a problems that’s raised today – then do it.

25. GENDER MYTH: What’s good for men is good for women and both can master same approaches.
Question:: How do women’s and men’s brain differ biologically and intellectually in ways that win?
Reboot Brainpower: Affirm men’s and women’s brains in balance today so that both prosper.

What myths limit your brainpower most? How can questions lead to results and action that will improve your situation this week? What new winning realities will you create?

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30 thoughts on “Question Myths and Reboot Brainpower

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  2. Steve R.


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  12. eweber Post author

    What an amazing challenge for the human brain. Love it and can see why it worked yet it’s also a refreshingly new approach! Thanks Don!

  13. Don Gilmore

    Ellen, great list. #1 and #2 reminded me of something I learned in early childhood. I never got bored outside because of plants and bugs, but alone in my room, with no electronic gadgets, no TV, no music, no diversions, I would dump all my possessions (blocks, marbles, string, rubber bands, tinker toys) into a big pile and then organize and categorize. By the time everything was neat, I had thought up some new creative project using my meager resources.

    Eventually, I actually enjoyed feeling bored because I knew boredom was a harbinger of something new, a tabula rasa on which to create. All I had to do was get re-organized while listening to my muse.

    Don Gilmores last blog post..dongilmore: If only Michael Phelps had produced this excellent rant rather than some stupid apology: (do excellent rants ever work?)

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  17. eweber Post author

    Well thanks for your kind words, Gavin. Oh, but I am so curious now. How are you using it and what results did that use bring you? Can you elaborate a bit more? Any examples?

    I love how you nudge other people onto stages at and how they find support and encouragement there to develop their own leadership acumen. It’s been a great inspiration to many of us. Thanks for stopping by Gavin, and happy 2009!!

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  20. eweber Post author

    Thanks Wally! I am going to use this one to move my own work into exciting new places in the coming year. Seems to me that with media despair – we’ll reach deeper this year into fresh ponds for mental resources to create. What do you see ahead in the coming year. Hope it’s great delights for your leadership!

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  22. eweber Post author

    Conrad, thanks for the way you think, articulate and add smiles too! The list here is simply a cheat sheet and one to bookmark, as are most of the facts we’ll use to change our lives.

    Gone are the days when we rote remembered the stuff we needed. Facts may fly faster today – but if they are organized and filed — they also act as tools when we need them.

    When I speak to large groups I allow people choices of which few to elaborate – so that an interactive exchange drives the learning far more than any rote set of facts. Now that is the stuff that sticks!

    This is my reference sheet for the basics of new exchanges and lives that change – based on rejuvenated insights about the brains we all lug around daily:-)

    Yours is especially valued and probing! Thanks!

  23. eweber Post author

    Thanks Robyn, just applying these to neuro-facts inspired me to see the ones I can use more in 2009. Let’s roll with it and watch the grim news from Wall St. affect us far less than ever! The brain’s got so much more to offer and new technologies are showing us just how so:-) Ours is the privilege of doing what we learn daily:-) Not a bad exchange!

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