Questions to Leap Over Life’s Ruts

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Most people hope at some time or another to move from where they stand at that moment, into a better place for their future. Especially if following predictable schedules is holding back personal progress.

Yet have you noticed that strong traditions rarely yield to finer approaches in at work?  Even though rejuvenated practices would prove superior, traditions compete for human brainpower.  The results?

Research shows that stressed brains rely more on habit and remain longer in ruts? Fortunately, there are effective ways to tap into different intelligences for innovative brainpower that moves past potholes that hold you back.

Not sure where you’re stuck? Then ask a trusted friend, to remind you what topics you tend to speak about or focus on most.  In that place, both your ruts and growth edges will likely reside.

Look at ruts from inside your brain, and you’ll likely see how you default to your basal ganglia. Experts call it your mental storehouse. Less sensitive people may remind you it’s where every rigid routine, life failure and annoying habit gathers. Along with every experience you’ve ever encountered, it’s also the place that promotes and prolongs annoying ruts. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The key is to build new neuron pathways that will help you bridge the difference between rigid routines and rejuvenation. Whenever you operate new parts of the human brain you also trigger your working memory which is that area that helps you learn and do life in different ways.  Unlike your brain’s basal ganglia that defaults into habits and routines and slides you into ruts, the working memory springs you forward to triumph in life-changing opportunities.Working memory positions new information up front, so other parts of the brain can use it to problem solve. It’s what allows you to keep intelligence fluid and to raise IQ across a wider range of capabilities.

Ready to ask questions that leap beyond old habits, and open new windows into multiple intelligences? OK, let’s say you’d like to move forward in new directions that add zip to your leadership. It’s simply a matter of engaging your brain’s amazing plasticity to develop, grow, and use new dendrite brain cell connections. You’ll replace ruts with new adventures when you tap into the smart skill tools for asking questions that activate your unique mix of intelligences.

Smart Skill 2 – Question Ruts with Multiple Intelligences as Tools

1. How would you sequence the top five priorities for an action plan you’ll do this week? Mathematical or logical questions enable you to thread through chains of reasoning to discern where ruts are rooted.

2. What would a log of your winning ways over one week tell about your best plan to raise a specific strength up to new levels? Verbal linguistic questions include reading and discussing communication trends, as well as writing a plan for new growth, and perhaps even proposing it to your mentor.

3. What musical selection you play or compose would show where you’d most like to be in one month? Musical or rhythmic questions enable you to expand life through personal or experts’ compositions.

4. What visual would most inspire your next adventure? Spatial questions invite investigations through images, graphs, or visual portrayals that diminish ruts simply by illumining inspired visual possibilities.

5. How would a long walk alter your answer to the question – “What could you do differently this week with life-changing results? Bodily-kinesthetic questions engage you in movement, or building in ways that deepen understanding about past and future challenges as well as opportunities for new directions.

6. What would a respected friend or colleague suggest that you do next to move ahead in a dynamic new direction? Interpersonal or social questions would help you to discern and respond well to insights of different people as they relate to your change question.

7. What advice would your teenage self offer you now, about your best options for change that could  transform the coming week? Intrapersonal or introspective questions tap into your self-knowledge, integrity and discrimination for good or bad choices that relate to you.

8. Where in nature does your highest life goal reside and what does it look like? Naturalistic questions give you mental tools to draw on patterns and designs in nature as a way to see real world problems and propose nature-related solutions for growth.

In each question you’ll generate opportunities for responses from different areas of the brain. Ask three or four two-footed questions listed here, or create your own multiple intelligence questions to move past ruts. Whether you go after new directions as detailed here, or other ruts you face, expect mental barriers to fall, and get ready for a new shot at your dynamic journey ahead. It cannot help but happen when you ratchet up brainpower through diverse questions. Which intelligence will launch your next trek?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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15 thoughts on “Questions to Leap Over Life’s Ruts

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  13. eweber Post author

    Jim, you so often inspire all of us to think and act in different ways — the quickest neuron pathways toward adventure. May your 2009 add wonderful treasures that keep you moving forward. Happy New Year friend!

  14. JD

    This is a great time to look and evaluate if we are in a rut and to establish the fortitude and courage to make changes. It may be time to change to avoid a rut if you are not in one. Thanks for the compelling advice

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