Question to Refuel Finances Past Media Fears

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If you listened lately to the media’s constant streams of financial fears, you likely fail to shop much for loved ones over giving times such as Christmas. Not that buying less detracts from the magic of Christmas. Yet sadly,  gloomy news turns into poor proceeds for business, just as fear sinks the market, and blocks winning opportunities from your brain. Why so?  

Fear is fueled by dangerous cortisol chemicals, and anxiety increased for many people in holiday seasons.  Relentless reports of lost money, lost jobs, lost homes, lost health care  and lost security create toxic mindsets. Feel the fear where you work?

Luckily, the human brain can create new neuron pathways past fear, and by so doing it also pumps in serotonin chemicals that help you to sustain well being. Yes,  in spite of financial or other challenges!

Thanks to neurogenesis, which shows how the brain rewires and reshapes itself, fear can be transformed into prosperity and success. It does require a brain based action plan on your part though.

Add life-changing brainpower to replace financial fears, and watch new adventures begin to reboot your brain for profitability. Smart skills, for instance,  combine traditional hard and soft skills to create tools for a new neuron pathway forward.

Smart Skill 1 –  Question to Lift Finances Past Fears.

1. What one practice defines a financial guru you know, one that you can do to step forward? Whenever you mirror a successful person’s action, at the same time you rewire your brain for more of the same results. Of course this also applies to other issues that cause fear too. Simply pose a question about who’s successful in that area, and what one practice that person does best. Then do that one practice today to rewire mentally for your own expertise.

2. What would it take to attach your best talent today to a revenue stream for tomorrow? Amazing financial gains come to those who draw on their spatial intelligence and project a concrete image to shoot for.  Try sketching a monetary action plan and clearly illustrate steps to get you there. Finances elude those who have not projected specific images into their mental performance. Toss in a question that draws from an area of the brain other than logical mathematical intelligence, and you add more brainpower to ratchet up the bottom line.

3. When exactly do you expect to generate that first dollar, and how will it become a dollar-a-day? On the other side of fear lies profit,  for those who risk stepping forward to create a date and then make that first new dollar Barry Burnett speaks of – with the brain in mind. It’s opposite to business as usual and the action itself, builds you another new neuron pathway toward financial gains.

In each case the question asked fuels the brain to create a winning action or movement toward your financial gains, and away from fear. Ask one of the two-footed questions listed here, or create your own better question to move your mind past fears into an action plan for profitability. What’s the best question to open your financial spigots?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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