We Shall Not Be Moved? Yikes!

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Are you unmoved or moved as media reports daily bombard your world with further fallout from financial fiascoes? I mean are you doing finances differently, and inspiring others to do the same? Perhaps it’s time to rethink our responses and create a better way forward. Daily you choose for growth or stagnation, based on what moves you most.

If you’ve seen Harlan County, you’ve likely also realized that the tune, We Shall Not be Moved is a union song to some who stand firm – and fight for personal or patriotic interests. To others, it’s inspirational music, or sacred places where faith-based living plants people by water, like trees that don’t move in times of trouble, for instance.

These popular words from the past, We shall not be moved, though, may be perilous to your future growth.

Sure, Sir Winston Churchill said on BBC Radio on Feb 9 1941 – “We shall not fail or falter. We shall not weaken or tire.” Are you unmoved in failure?

It’s possible that current economic challenges call for people who are not moved. Consider the melding of brain and spirit, that allows responses from the best mix of minds and souls, who are moved to:

1. Live beliefs with integrity – and at the same time learn from others who believe and live different values. Unmoved, people tend to dig in heels, insist on one way only, and assume a superior stance that benefits few. Moved people, in contrast, seek honesty and truth more as personally lived experiences. Have you seen it?

2. Cultivate careers that prosper people –  build winning communities and promote path-finding workplaces that prefer others and prosper those who may be down in their luck. Moved people hold a concern for bigger ideas, and deeper values that prevent the greed and stubborn insistence of unmoved counterparts. Think we could move into new workplace patterns, along with innovative approaches to sharing, rather than hoarding wealth?

3. Paint each day in fresh new colors – that help those around you to tackle problems with solid possibilities and adventures that transform. Moved people hold new insights up to the rainbow and allow lessons learned from past mistakes to color tomorrow’s more dynamic tactics. What color would best illustrate your regenerative world?

4. Reflect daily and change – so that others are moved regularly by growth, sustainability, care, and relevancy they experience through rejuvenation efforts that prosper all. In contrast, unmoved people stagnate, cling to broken traditions, grow older but not wiser, or rely on past legacies that cannot address current challenges. Plato deemed unmoved living as un-reflective – I call it bagel gumming. Either way it begs for motion that inspires change.

Here at the MITA International Brain Based Center we’re moved to reach across differences, gather hidden and unused talents, and learn from opposing views.  As brain facts appear, we move into change mode. MITA approaches have us moved daily to question possibilitiestarget improvements, expect quality results, enlist multiple intelligences, and reflect on ongoing growth for all. That’s why the next time people sing the words, “We shall not be moved,”  you’ll likely hear me belt out, Yes, we shall be moved! You?

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13 thoughts on “We Shall Not Be Moved? Yikes!

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  5. eweber Post author

    Chris you are zeroing in on the key moments of change that can make or break a day (or even a person). We now see in brain facts why routines offer comfort and learning or change is tough slugging!

    How inspiring to read the zest you have laid out here — through a growing awareness of the difference! That awareness itself becomes the segue to wonder for an active mind like yours! Thanks for sharing it to give our day a new zip as well!

  6. Chris Brown

    I think you’re really on to something here. Whenever I find that I’m really digging in my heels and being unreasonable about something… and I can’t quite explain why, but it really bothers me… I’m usually on the edge of a breakthrough with a problem that I’ve been struggling with trying to solve.

    It’s like old ideas or routines have a comfort in them even when they don’t work right or are no longer helpful.

    Trying to fight the rigidity of “because that’s the way we do it, that’s why” type feeling is an ongoing challenge, but reading your blogs & Robyn’s is a big help.

    Chris Browns last blog post..SuperBowl Ads Were Over Shadowed by the Game

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  8. eweber Post author

    This question would make a wonderful starting question to gather a team of leaders in your area, and discuss new possibilities and options, Ramana. The question alone shows you are onto something here — and rigidity sets in where great questions stop being chased.

  9. rummuser

    Ellen, as inspiring as your post is, I must express my current inability to understand it. As an Indian with personal experience of terror, I cannot but change my views about our neighbor and its leaders. From a fairly accommodating point of view, I am now getting increasingly inclined towards a rigid ‘them or us’ attitude. I accept that these are not normal times, but how can I accept being a doormat?

    rummusers last blog post..Prayer.

  10. eweber Post author

    I agree Robyn, that it’s easy to see one piece and run too far, too fast, and too blinded by that small or incomplete piece. Been there – done that!

    Guess that’s also what’s so cool about the kind of community we’ve enjoyed in the brain based work. Keeps you humble when you realize how little you know about the wonder of the human mind. Luckily it also keeps you curious to know more as the intellect yields its dynamic secrets:-)

  11. Robyn McMaster

    When some folks gain a piece of knowledge, they begin to think they “know it all” and don’t keep growing and changing. They don’t realize this is a losing approach to anything because they now have a Hebbian mindset. Besides, who likes to be around folks who think they “know it all.”

    Robyn McMasters last blog post..Invitation for Christmas Tea

  12. eweber Post author

    Oh Conrad – how exciting to see your blog is up and rolling and that in itself is moving! Now that is one start for 2009!!! I just spent a few days with my daughter and son-in-law and came home inspired myself to move to many new peaks:-)

    Love the blog title Leveraged intelligence!

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