Kindness Rebuilds Beyond Leader Gridlock

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Just uploaded 256 two-footed questions to help us rebuild more and kinder communications across differences – than we lost through gridlock that stalls our collective IQ! capture1

Let me toss out a few two-footed sizzlers for your thanksgiving table that may bring opposites together for kinder benefits to all guests, for instance.

Pass a talking sticking around the table and ask:

  1. What could you teach the rest of us to inspire more thankfulness?
  2. How is thankfulness under-rated as you have seen or experienced it?
  3.  What image on this table best describes your thankfulness and why so?
  4. What do you like to be thanked for most and how so?

Would you agree that two-footed questions may take us to new building grounds to re-construct care together – beyond the barbs that separate our  differences?

Here are 256 more two-footer topics with ideas and unique questions to create your own highly engaging prompts that draw from both sides of human brains…


Any topics here to help you help you question with 2 feet in diverse settings that offer treasures on several angles when given opportunity?

For instance, if I could go back to my first years as teacher, I’d toss our more cool (two-footed) questions, in caring circles, and tell far fewer boring facts. How so?

Let’s say the lesson was CLOUD FORMATION. I’d skip listing of cloud formations in favor of asking a curiosity builder such as: If you were a cloud – how would you impact nature?

Or to launch a lesson on the CIVIL WAR, I’d leapfrog beyond memorized dates, battles and bad boys – to ask instead, If you had been in charge of leading the civil war, what would you have done differently?

Let’s say the lesson covered CHANGE FROM HUNTING TO FARMING. I’d challenge students with the prompt: If you were a hunter, what advantages would you find in farming?

A science class on DISTANCE, SPEED and NATURE might start with a questions such as, What dance would best illustrate distance, speed and nature’s interaction?

Any questions on your mind that build on kindness and open possibilities?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset