Can Minds Heal What Rhetoric Crushed?

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Regardless of who you voted for, and in spite of toxic tone that took its toll on many of us, some crave new choices to heal what broke. Ready to move past disappointment? Looking to help create any new kaleidoscope of hope?

If you feel up to the task of leading forward from where you stand, this good news is for you. How so? Your mind will equip you by handing you everything you need to heal . Some may not be ready yet, and that’s OK too.

When ready to bounce back from the shock though, you’ll likely help others around you also to find pathways to new possibilities they crave, in diverse communities with kind , caring people! After 40 years brain research study and  lived experience I admit that it’s not easy for some, and takes keen commitment from all those ready to heal. How so?


1. Start a discussion with the intention of looking beyond the problem to spot even the slightest sliver of a solution or opportunity to run with. Serotonin, will kick in to help fuel your efforts and build on your talent so you will see new angles, and find the courage to put feet to a sizzling innovation or two. Take time to reboot your brain for more serotonin, and you’ll also fine tune it for civility that connects to unshakable well being.

2. Step back and take another look at where you stand now and where you hope to land. Then let go of blame, anger, self-pity or hopelessness as you leap toward your goal with a rhetoric of inclusion. Simply jump and let go. Test your maiden run at a new diverse community possibility, much like I tested a zip-line assembled recently for my grandchildren. A bit scary at first, you learn the brain’s secret tips to regulate cortisol so that you stay open and grow curious to learn from and work alongside even the tragic traits of a cynic..

3. Respond to confrontations with calm, by snipping your amygdala so that others enjoy healing possibilities in responses that leapfrog over conflicts. As the seat of your emotions, your amygdala stores every calm reaction, or proposal you make toward a finer future. Yes, your choice to step calmly gets stored to resurface for you in future reactions when challenges hit, and you hope to lead change on the other side of despair.

4. Spot opportunities for change within broken systems.  Jump in to propose change, plan change or play with change, and others tend to  join you.  with like-minded willingness to risk riding transparency’s surf. The opposite is also true.  Stick with others in ruts, cling to stubborn opinions or demand past routines and you’re doomed for the brain’s default to ruts or basal ganglia  mental warehouse of sorts.  Remember, your brain stores every action and choice. Both good and bad, your choices here sit ready for reuse, trapping you in tired and broken responses that can dose an innovative challenge like a fire hose doses a burning building.

5. Gather facts and teach others to look at problems and see possibilities. That awakens your working memory so that you can use these new insights to build new directions forward together. Relate neuro discoveries that resolve conflicts  and you’ll find yourself letting go of robotic routines in favor of  solutions that keep intelligence fluid and literally raise IQ across a wider range of capabilities for problem solving that works.

6. What if you risk learning a new skill to help a person who differs with you. This will awaken your brain’s plasticity or its magical inner ability to change and improve itself. Not that you have to agree, simply hand an  olive branches to somebody who disagrees and expect that person to build  brainpower tools for robust peace plans rather than promote conflict or violent reactions where gridlock battles began in the first place. Sure,  naysayers will toss toxins into the mental mix. Your open communication simply sidesteps mental barriers to sparks innovation in a way rarely found in an argument.

Two choices exist and both will use or ignore these six related brain parts. Join the angry crowds, or help to create a culture that heals the heart and prepares the mind for a new and ethical era that includes the rich diversity we represent. Imagine a culture with benefits for all concerned!. Have you seen it happen?

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2 thoughts on “Can Minds Heal What Rhetoric Crushed?

  1. eweber Post author

    Adam, isn’t it cool to discover resources in our own brains that can become our best tools to rebuild in stronger ways. We are an amazing people who have come through a great deal together, and imagine the nation we could build on the other side of the devastation many of us feel. As a Canadian, who loved my country – I chose to become an American citizen too because of many great qualities of its people. With diverse talents in this nation – we could become stronger than ever – if we rebuild in ways that all benefit.

  2. Adam

    Thanks Ellen, just what I needed. I think it’s really empowering to have a window on the science that drives the way our brains work!

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