Writing Tips for Fun & Publication

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Boost motivation by writing for real readers, rather than slog through isolated assignments for one reader only. Here are a few tips to write for fun and publication!

Interview a younger reader to discover special interests, and then write a book that includes those topics. This can become a team project – and can include a younger group of readers who are paired with older writers. My writer students  present their final books to those they interviewed, after reading their new creations together. Can you imagine the excitement for both readers and writers in the room?Writing category Jpegs

Exchange your written draft with a peer editor. Get heads-up insights about your readers’ reaction to your writing.  Clarify where there may be confusion.  Use peer ideas to add the zip that keeps readers’ curiosity alive to the last word. Peer edit jpeg

Identify a problem and write an innovative editorial to propose a solution. Listen for gaps in a lecture, read for possibilities in your text, watch for problems in the news.  Interview experts about what improvements they’d make to a controversial topic. Sketch an innovative solution to apply a proposed idea from facts you research to resolve a problem others face.

Write to teach tips or practical strategies to a peer from your stronger intelligences. Survey your strengths for free at this TpT site and then write a specific plan of action you’d use to inspire and  teach others from three of your stronger intelligences. What should they know? What will they do? What results can they expect?

Your further ideas? The brain leaps into action to improve your writing, when you communicate with real reader interests and especially when you appeal to interest and  curiosity. Have you seen it happen?

What could you write today that would motivate readers on topics they enjoy?

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