Renewed Democracy – Crown of Brainpower

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How come  “Barak Obama” messages appear in my email box often, and yet no response comes back from the White house to my carefully crafted responses?

Perhaps a more urgent question is – How big a gap separates your idea of  democracy and your lived experience? For most people the concept of democracy holds brainpower possibilities beyond all forms of governance. Only for a few, though is  freedom by the people for the people. To be effective democracy must include  interactive communication and benefits for all. Do you mix social equity or brainpower from all  people groups, into your conversation or leadership?

Toss equity and collaboration into leadership and democracy’s innovative sprigs suddenly pop up at every juncture.

Why then, are so few leaders democratic as a lived experience?

Democracy requires leaders to hold a crown over any group’s head, and then cultivate a climate where all people work together to grow into its regality.  Problems arise when leaders appear unsure about what to do with many voices, especially those that express opposing views. To live democracy is to don the kind of tone that builds goodwill even among those who disagree.

As more people speak and feel heard, it takes skilled facilitators to ensure people’s wisdom constitutes the better part of all decisions made. That’s democracy’s brainpower, and very likely the part that won it such fine reputation.

No wonder lived equity  leads to peaceful resolutions, even for tough problems. See democracy in your leadership?

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