Tame My Myg or Stick Me Sad!

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We all come to the table with emotional intelligence – that impacts vital choices we make to progress or regress. Did you know that your brain’s amygdala holds every good and bad choice you’ll make today? Or are you aware that  stored responses pop back up to become emotional choices you’ll likely make in similar situations? Store angry attacks or compassion and care and they will show up again in responses the next time you face similar challenges.

Teach mental health habits and learners gain life-changing tools!

So how do you tame your brain’s amygdala in ways that benefit mental health? Why do some brains stick in sad mode – while others scurry into super smart adventures? You may think it’s because some get breaks while others face barriers. But research shows that it’s more a choice to tame your amygdala that prospers you in good and bad times. A tamed amygdala opens your brain for the delight of innovation and learning adventures.

Simply stated – To choose well is health for the brain just as eating well is health to your body!! Smile or Smirk

Just posted a fun new classroom management tool that shifts responsibility from teachers to students – in ways that leave them equipped to tame their Myg for tangible learning benefits! Note to parents and teachers

There are related brain based books at my TpT store to show how we can change our choice from SMIRK to SMILE and thereby change our day from sad to super smart too!

Related learner ready-to-roll materials for taming a Myg can be located at this TpT site.

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