I Golfed Today! What Did You Do?

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The last time I golfed Robyn cheered on our game, and then she passed later that day. We’d golfed together for 20 + years and it was a favorite hobby for us both.

It occurred to me that I may never golf again, and only yesterday did I make a new choice for my day. The deliberate choice to golf alone today, and the fun of doing just that – changed the sad occurrence that could have defaulted me to a life without golf.Golf 1

I simply wrote GOLF into my to do list for today, scheduled a tee time and went out with a certain sense of wonder about a game without my fellow golfer and best friend. Since Robyn and I are members, I met friends on the desk, and felt encouraged to take the plunge I’d chosen.

What new choices will you make for your day?

Shot after shot I felt Robyn cheering on the game, just as she did when either of us landed a ringer in a game together.

Turned out my game became more than a series of fun shots to the green. Today taught me more about choices and more about getting through grief!

By stepping forward into one new choice for today I also opened a new direction with awesome delight that I’d not anticipated. Golf brought joy to my day, and Robyn’s memory wove itself tenderly into every swing! I am so glad I risked the choice to simply go out and golf again. Why so?

What we choose to do on any day – rewires the brain for more of the same on the following day. While I’d never golfed alone before, I now cracked open any fear that golf cannot be done alone with any fun.

The opposite is also true. Sadly, each day I avoided golf – rewired my brain cells for avoiding golf simply because I feared golfing alone, rather than with my best friend. I could have missed the awesome sense of nature as I walked along the pristine course, I could have missed the chance to exercise in ways that left my energy higher – and so much more.

What new choice will you risk today – that may make a finer future starting tomorrow?

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