Do Cell Phones Harm Brains?

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There’s been a great deal of talk lately about cell phone use, and increasingly people tell you they want a few basic rules to stop cell phone invasion that comes from loud conversations in quiet spaces.

But what about harmful effects that cells phones bring to the brain? Today’s Scientific American questions whether cancer fears from cell phone use, are fact of fiction? Listen to Dr. Olsen’s findings on prenatal concerns here.  What do you think?

Scientists remain undecided about safety guarantees from mobiles, which is why they advise using an ear piece and speakerphone.

According to researcher Jorn Olsen at UCLA cell phones do not send enough radiation to alter or damage DNA, and for this reason do not tend to lead toward cancer.

Not surprisingly, long-term cell phone use seems to create greater problems, while short term exposure appears to hold less danger, according to most recent studies out there.  UK researcher, Laurie Challis pointed out that of the 29,000 men and 38,000 women yearly who develop brain cancer people in industrial nations are twice as likely to develop brain cancer as those in developing countries. The jury is still out on why this is so.

Studies are currently being carried out in several countries on this topic, and yet research so far still shows conflicting conclusions. To complicate the findings further, plenty of anecdotal stories seem support both sides of the debate.

However since scientists cannot rule out harmful risks, some people are playing it safe to avoid increasing brain cancer risks. Which side of the debate are you on?  Fact or fiction?

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0 thoughts on “Do Cell Phones Harm Brains?

  1. Jaydee

    I just hope that cell phone is not damaging any of our cells. I also wish that they come up with a concrete information about what cell phone can cause to human.

  2. Sell Your Phone

    Great post. It was helpful and informative. Cell phones are a big problem but really we cant live without them. They have become a critical part of communication. Hope someday a better alternative is made.

  3. Kathy@riverside wrongful death attorney

    What I don’t like about a lot of these studies is that they always use statistical data in the abstract and forget the human element. If it is 98% safe, they rate it as safe, but that 2% maybe you and me. If it is not completely safe, they should say so. The consumer should make the decision whether to take a risk or not.

  4. ray

    One thing is for sure radio waves will not provide any benefit to the brain, I will be minimizing the use and using texts messages

  5. eweber Post author

    LOL — Love the way you characterized this in your opening line, Eva! It just struck me very funny LOL, as I visualized your words happening in reality – to a human with a phone hanging onto the ear.

    Thanks for your thoughts though — On a serious side, you are likely dead on!

  6. Eva Ulian

    I can’t think how radio waves polarized by your phone and dragged into your ear can do you any good. It’s been a year or two now that reports have come out that scientists can’t decide if cell phones are harmful or not… I tend to think there’s no smoke without fire. However, I strongly suspect that the real reason behind all the indecision is that Cell Phone firms are not going to let anyone damage their business… at least not for a good while yet.

  7. eweber Post author

    You build a good case for not carrying a cell phone at all times, Ramana. You could choose to place in vibrate and answer when more convenient, as one possibility perhaps. I too feel the need to not have phones ringing around me at all times:-) Yet the cell phone also comes with wonderful conveniences:-)

  8. eweber Post author

    It would be interesting to find research on the safety of the Bluetooth, which would seem to be a better option that phone to ear:-) Wonder if newer phones are better phones too?

  9. rummuser

    Before cellphones came into our lives, we lived a better life. Or at least I did. Now I am expected to be available all the time with the gadget at hand so that my family and various other concerned individuals can contact me whenever they feel like it. I would prefer the gadget being declared as a weapon of mass destruction.

    rummusers last blog post..Marriage Violence and Divorce.