Brain Based Tasks for Older Learners

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While we now know that students retain less from lectures, we question how to cultivate brain based cultures that trigger observable and impressive growth.

Good news! It’s actually easier than most realize – to get older students active and growing in any class!

Enter six little namungos with big brainy ideas for your next class! These fun, fantasy characters with real brain parts come equipped to lead your learners into dynamic action on any topic. The best part? Every student comes to class with all they need to reach higher and brainier benchmarks!

In this video you’ll find brain-friendly discoveries that help you to nudge more genius opportunities into any learning circle. It’s fun too! Have you noticed for instance,  how students love to accomplish things never before accomplished by using parts of their brain never before used?

Enjoy these easy-to-launch brain based tasks to reach your next learning adventures. They’re each designed to unleash hidden and unused intelligences. Worth a go?

The video will get you started – with examples you can use in class tomorrow… Stop the video at any intersection and apply FREE tasks in cool ways that fit your next lesson topic. Students love to create their own tasks.  Yes, this video is designed to inspire all students to engage their namungo best in your next session!

Brain based tasks to help you run from lectures in any discipline are available on my TPT site. 10-bb-benefits

Do let us know how you are doing, and what we can do to support your next steps to keep namungo-like-genius alive for your students!

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset