Poverty, African American Leaders, and You! Black History Insights Forward

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Holidays tend to bring out sensibilities of students, and the rest of us, so it’s  an awesome time to address societal inequities with student-led solutions!

If you hold out hope for those trapped in poverty, for instance,  you’ll love these unique approaches to solutions from teens of all cultures and African American leaders they interview and learn from! You’ll enjoy listening to the hope that teens express for Black Lives Matter teams to help their communities and others who are marginalized – into transformational fellow builders!

How so?

Let’s start out of the gates by inviting respected African American leaders to propose solutions. For instance, what if our students each interview black leaders in a brain based task to help us all build solutions that honor African American culture and inspire the rest of us as fellow-builders?

Unique approaches to reducing poverty lie in human brains and multiple intelligences in many fine African American minds, we fail to tap! Together, let’s go after real  evidence of wellbeing that spreads benefits across diverse cultures? Young students are happy to lead the way – which they prove in this brain based task to help them learn from African American wisdom.

Let us know how you and your circle reach beyond any one population  to find wisdom and lead us in finer ways …

What would it take for your students to apply an African American expert’s insights into tackling poverty? What stories do you bring to the problem and possibilities?

My own story told here has me also marginalized. Out on the street in Nova Scotia at 14, after my mother died of cancer, I used this lived experience to understand and care about solutions to poverty, and to recognize the value of others who differ and who hear from where each of us stands.


We remap a brain away from attacks by learning deeply from and building together with others who differ!

Learners grow as leaders when they develop mind-bending skills to support diverse peers to become a vital part of a wider valued community. Imagine the component such leadership could add to our national stage where diversity would become the rich tapestry we all need to move forward together. Why wait for current leaders to adopt inclusion practices? Let’s gather evidence for the brilliant communities we could all foster by garnering the talent and amazing contributions of our African American communities. New neuro discoveries show why valued change happens in each us us only as we act on the improvements we want others to see in us. The brain based task here begins a new pathway that could model the best possibilities of mindful diversity in action – to an entire world!

What do you think?

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